Nyx Macaron Lipsticks

Colorful lipsticks are a growing trend, but they are not new to the market. I can’t be the only person that has drooled over the pretty Lime Crime lipsticks or OCC Lip Tars and thought, “I want you, but I can’t afford you.”

Well, I learned that Nyx (one of my all time favorite makeup brands) was releasing a bright and pastel lipstick line and my heart almost stopped. Nyx is known for their high quality makeup at great prices, and on top of that they are committed to staying cruelty free. After the heart breaking news that Tarte was bought by a parent company that tests on animals, this was the news I needed. I’m a red and pink lipstick kind of gal. Always have been. Lately, I’ve been wanting to try something new and colorful. I didn’t want to go too far out there while experimenting, so I decided I would try a purple color.

Then I started to look over reviews and swatches and I immediately wanted to try every Nyx Macaron color. However, I only bought two (for now). This is my own personal review of the ones I have tried so far. I was not given these products. They were purchased with my own money.


These are the two that I bought. I decided to try out Violet and Earl Grey.


These are my naked lips (eek!)


These are my lips with the Violet color on them.I’m in LOVE with this color.


These are my lips with Earl Grey. Not exactly a grey color, more of a powder blue. Still a beautiful color!


Overall opinion:

Ah-maz-ing. These lipsticks have a very smooth and creamy texture and go on so easily. Both only took one coat of lipstick to get that opaque of a color, and I don’t exactly have a very pale natural lip color. You’re probably wondering how much these cost per tube…well…I didn’t want to give anyone a heart attack, but these are about $6 a tube!

I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I looked up the price. Even better, from now until the 31 ulta has these on sale bogo 50% online. I looked for these in the actual Ulta store in my local area, but they weren’t there yet, sadly. For $6 a color I think I may end up trying all of them! There are 12 in all. I really want to try out Lavender, Rose, and the black shade.

Which shade should I try next? Which shade are you dying to try? Below is a picture of all the colors (not my own picture)




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