My Favorite Vegan and Cruelty Free Products (Part One)

Fall is approaching, and I can’t be the only one that likes to revamp their makeup collection a little…or a lot. Fall is my favorite season. It’s the season that I can wear my usual vampy and weird colors and not look so outlandish.
I decided to create this post to show some of my favorite fall lipsticks and products (some new and others are older) and to also raise a bit of awareness against animal cruelty. I will not sit here and act like I have always used cruelty free, that would be a lie. I was very oblivious to what kinds of testing go on with many companies to create makeup. Very unneeded and disgusting testing. It was after learning about animal testing that I started looking into cruelty free options such as Nyx and Tarte. Then, sadly, both Nyx and Tarte sold out to Loreal recently. Their brand itself is still cruelty free, but Loreal is one of the cruelest companies against animals. I can’t bring myself to support even a parent company as cruel as them. I will not throw away my Nyx products, but I will be using up what I have and once again switching out my makeup.
So, I’m going to post about some of my favorite vegan makeup products, a few of which I didn’t even know were vegan. While working on this post I didn’t realize how many things I have to talk about, so this is only the first part. I am still waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail, and I am entirely too excited to receive them and review them for you all. With that being said, if there are any brands that you are curious about or want me to review and give further insight into (cruelty free, of course) please let me know in the comments. Not all of these products are fully vegan, but these brands are all cruelty free and sell many vegan products.

First Brand: Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild is a brand that I had no idea was vegan or cruelty free for awhile. Their products are so widely talked about and affordable that it almost seemed too good to be true. It is not too good to be true. My all time favorite product by them is their lipstick, and I am going to talk about my absolute favorites (there’s quite a few, it was hard to choose).

Think pink- a lighter pink with a bit of a mauve undertone. I love this shade. I feel that it is a very great nude shade for people with fair complexions.

Smokin Hot Pink- this isn’t a true hot pink color, it’s pretty dark. I used this as a go to “summer” color because it was kind of cheery for my dark taste, but still pretty dark.

Red Velvet- a true pin up red with a slight orange undertone. I love pin up reds. LOVE THEM. I have to be careful with them though because I have to make sure my teeth are in decent shape or the orange undertone makes them look yellow.

Purty Persimmon- a true bright orange color with a red hint. This has been said to be a dupe for MAC’s Lady Danger. I do not own any MAC products so I can not say, but there are quite a few beauty bloggers that have the swatches on youtube for comparison. This is very bright. I love the color, but not too sure if I like it on me. I bought it to get out of my comfort zone, but my box is still pretty cozy.

Pagan Angel- This is from the Fergie line which is a bit more expensive, but not by much. This is a very creamy black shade. It also feathers quite a bit if you don’t line your lips, so a black eyeliner or lip liner (if you own a black one) would be my suggestion to pair with this shade. It’s not my favorite black lipstick, but I think it is still great for those wanting to try black lips without dropping the money on another brand.

Sugar Plum Fairy- I have been all about the plum and purpelish shades lately. I think they are so pretty and unique. I love plum shades on people with darker complexions. It pairs so well with their skin.

Stoplight Red- Another red? Yes, I’m obsessed with red. This is another blue under toned red that will make your teeth look whiter, and it is gorgeous! I adore this color.

All of the above lipsticks other than Pagan Angel cost about $1.99 in most stores. Many times you can get them on sale. I typically stock up on colors I need or want to try when CVS has a BOGO 50% sale on wet n wild, which is often. I’ve mainly only tried their lipsticks so I don’t have much insight on their face and eye products.

Manic Panic

Oh man, I could go on forever about my love for Manic Panic products. They are vegan and truly amazing. They are a bit more expensive, but still affordable. I feel like their makeup lines are overlooked because people know them for their vegan hair dyes, and not for their makeup. Well, I am here to say that their makeup is amazing, and if you are a pale eccentric creature like myself you will love them as well.

Manic Panic sells WHITE foundation. Yes, pure white. I have always had such a problem finding foundations that are light enough for me. Many tend to have beige and yellow undertones that do not match me at all. I have a very pink and fair undertone, and not many brands cater to that. I ordered a thing of manic panic dream tone foundation in virgin and my life changed. I typically put 1-2 pumps of it mixed with whatever foundation I am using that day. It does not change the consistency. It actually makes it the foundation a bit of a fuller coverage. It lightens any and all foundations. Gosh, I am in love with this foundation. Do we want to hear more or should I move on? Moving on…

Glamnation Lipsticks- This line of lipsticks is relatively new to Manic Panic. I have no idea why they’re not more popular considering how amazing the quality is and the packagins is adorable. I currently own 2 myself, but I plan on getting more in the future.

Daughter of Darkness- a BEAUTIFUL deep red (perfect for fall) that has a satin matte finish. I’ve worn this color alone and with a dark gloss on top. The gloss I choose to pair with it is also by Manic Panic from their Cross Gloss line. I only own Bloody Rose from this line, but chances are I will eventually get more. These glosses are not very sticky and have a great pigmentation to them. (pictured below Daughter of Darkness)

After Midnight- a very unique color for me. It’s a deep blue that is supposed to have a metallic finish. This color is gorgeous and reminds me much of Kat Von D’s studded lipstick in Poe (which I also own.) It’s not as dark since Poe is technically navy, but the finishes are very much alike.

LA Colors Glazed Lip Paints

La Colors is a brand I was only recently turned on to. I just discovered them a few weeks ago and I already own 7 of their 18 lip paints. It’s hard not to when I got them for $3.25 a tube ( These are very affordable and beautiful. The packaging reminds me of the Too Faced Melted lipsticks. I typically have to use a lip brush with these because very little product goes a long way.
I only did my 3 favorite swatches for this brand, but for the price I feel like trying them out can be fun for almost anyone.
Tempt- a beautiful deep wine color. It’s not a deep red, and it’s also not a deep purple. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s currently my favorite color.

Blushing- a deep mauve color. This shade is perfect for fair skinned girls that can’t wear fleshy colored nude shades (they wash us out…or at least they wash me out and make me look completely dead). My other favorite color in the line. I reach for this often as I am going out the door to run errands. It’s my ideal everyday shade.

Daring- this color is more of a deep purple, and it is also very gorgeous. I feel like this color will be one I reach for often once fall arrives.

This is my first ever attempt at making a makeup post this large and detailed, and I hope I did well and gave enough detail. Thank you for reading!

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