Subscription Box Fever September 2014

I have a confession to make, I have subscription box fever. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a problem (my boyfriend will probably disagree) but they’re just so cool to me. Personally, I am so disappointed when I go out on a limb and try a new and expensive product and it is just not for me. Subscription boxes give me a way to try new and cool things and sometimes I end up buying the products again. Many of them also send out deals and coupons codes to use that are sometimes amazing. Example, I bought a Revealed 2 palette through Coastal Scents using a 25% off code through Ipsy and I have legitimately been using that palette almost everyday since.
I am going to try and include my thoughts on each box/bag every month, and I may make some changes soon that I will discuss at the end.


First up, Beauty Box 5.
Beauty Box 5 is a newer subscription for me. This is only the third box I have received from them, and so far I am fairly impressed. They typically send 1-2 full sized products along with other deluxe samples. I haven’t gotten a chance to try much out of this box yet, but I am dying to try the nail polish! The nail polish alone retails at $24.99, so with just the polish I got my money’s worth this month. I am all about this dark mauve trend this fall. The eyeshadow stick is nice, but it is really not a color that I think I will use often. I know I will for sure the deep conditioning treatments and eye cream though. I have terrible dark circles thanks to motherhood and asthma, so eye creams are always something I am in need of. The toe separators were definitely a cute addition, and I actually needed some more since my dog ate my last pair.

I have been an Ipsy subscriber for a little over 2 years now. I remember the pure excitement I had opening up that first bright pink envelope like it was yesterday. These past few months have been less than exciting with this subscription. I have tried retaking my quiz and such, but I still get the same kinds of products it seems and I am just not using as much as I formerly did with them.
Let me start off saying the hand cream this month was awful, in my opinion. It felt nasty on my hands and it smells like perfume. I let my boyfriend try it just to make sure it wasn’t just me being picky, and he actually asked me to wash it off of him. It felt that bad. I have tried the lip gloss, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I thought it would be sticky (I am not a fan of sticky lipglosses) but it was not. It felt pretty smooth on my lips and it had just a subtle red color to it. I also tried the eyeshadow brush out which I also enjoy. I love when they send out brushes anyway. The liner I am not a fan of, but I am not a fan of Pacifica. I have been sent several products by them in the past and I have not been a fan of anything thus far. I am excited to try the face wash. It’s cruelty free and completely organic, which is all I will use on my face now. Liking 3 out 5 products is not bad when it comes to subscription boxes, I have just not been liking getting the same products over and over. This is the third month in a row I have gotten eyeliner. I love eyeliner, but there’s no way I can use/try all of that.

I have recently stumbled across on their beauty bundle. I know it’s not new, but I just recently discovered it and I feel like I have been missing out on a glorious secret. Due to my lackluster for Ipsy, I may be cancelling it and switching to the elf beauty bundle which is $20 (plus shipping) every 8 weeks. Every 8 weeks they claim to send out about $40 worth of full sized products, and if you’re at all familiar with elf $40 of full sized products is a TON of product. They’re also completely cruelty free, which is amazing as well.
If you have any experience with this bundle, please leave me a comment with your thoughts on it.

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