Lorac Vintage Vixen


I almost squealed when I got this in the mail today. I’ve never tried anything from Lorac, but I’m always seeing bloggers use the pro palettes on Youtube, so I figured this is a quality brand. I waited patiently for this to go live on the Ulta site and was able to order one, along with some other things that I needed anyway. I still can’t believe this palette was only $12? Such a steal.


Here are the swatches from the Vintage Vixen palette, and oh my gosh. Matte/Vintage lovers dream right here. The lightest shade would not swatch on my skin at all, but it’s just because I am super pale. These shades glide on so easily though. I can tell why so many bloggers love Lorac so much. Very high quality, and the amount of product in this palette is great as well.

I did not get the other palette simply because I didn’t see myself using it. I didn’t want to order something just because it’s “limited edition” and then not use it. I collect makeup to an extent, but I do use what I buy (or at least try to).

Did anyone else snag one of these beautiful palettes? I can’t wait to play with it more and create some vintage/pin-up looks with it. I already have a cut crease look in mind 🙂

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