Favorites Friday

It’s time to round up my favorites for the week again! A few beauty and non beauty related things this week šŸ™‚


1. Jeremy (da boyfriend) and I went on a very nice date last week with *gasps* no kids. We ended up at our favorite Italian restaurant and had a glass of wine and had some really nice conversations. He then took me out shopping for a bit (a man after my own heart) and treated me to some new perfume. It was a really romantic and nice evening. Honestly, I really needed a night alone with him, even if for just a few hours, to just kind of “reset” in a sense.


2. Most worn Jewelry Piece- This week I have been wearing my “Madeline” ring from shophellkitten’s etsy shop. I love this ring so much. There’s such a classic and vintage feel to it, and it was very affordable. Please look her shop up if you haven’t, she sells some beautiful pieces! I think there’s a promo code you can use right now as well šŸ™‚



3. I also spent some much needed time out with both of my favorite little ladies, Piper and Harmony. We had a warmer “Spring” type of day here, so I took them both out to lunch and to do a bit of shopping. We had a blast. I spend every day with them at home, but sometimes I feel that we all need to get a bit dressed up and go out for a bit. I always end up having so many people approach me to tell me how beautiful and sweet they both are. I mean, look at them. They’re gorgeous.


4. Favorite lip combo- Nyx intense butter gloss in “toasted marshmallow.” I won’t get into this gloss too much because I do have a review of it coming soon, but it’s amazeballs. I loooooove this color. I may end up buying a second one to keep in my purse at all times.


5. Favorite Find- During my shopping trip with Piper and Harmony, I decided to meander around Marshall’s just to see what was on clearance and such. Well, I ended up finding a Kat Von D eyeshadow palette…the one I was looking for awhile back! And for $10!! I also picked up an everlasting lipstick in “Backstage Bambi” for $7. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I will still try it out. I also went to Ulta because I needed a new powder, so I’m giving the Laura Geller balance and brightening powder a chance. I will let you all know my thoughts on it soon!

Well, these are a few of my favorite things for the week, what were some of yours?

2 thoughts on “Favorites Friday

  1. OMGosh I can’t believe you found that palette for only $10. I’ll have to stop by tonight and see if there is anything good at my Marshall’s šŸ™‚ Your girls are beautiful, just like their mama! It sounds like you all had a great week and that was super sweet of your BF to take you out and buy you a perfume just cause!

  2. Right?!? I did my usual “block and investigate” when I found the palette lol. I had to make sure nothing was busted because for some reason people constantly break the makeup and put them back >.< and thank you! We did have a pretty great week!

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