The Love Tag

I don’t do these tags often (mostly because I’m rarely tagged…ha) but I saw this one and thought it was cute. Yes, I participate in Valentine’s Day festivities with my man and now our kids as well. It’s fun and cute and corny, and even my dark and slightly goth soul loves it.

Anyway, here’s my answers to the questions.

1. What is love?
Seriously, love is when you find yourself laughing at the littlest things. Love is in the laughs of children. Love is your world literally stopping the moment you look into your newborn’s eyes. Love is so many things. It’s subjective and different for everyone.

2. Have you ever been in love?
I suppose I’ve been with Jeremy long enough to claim that I love him :p

3. Do you believe in soul mates?
Eh…this is a weird one for me. Do I believe that Jeremy is my soul mate on an intimate level that no one else will probably compare? Yes, of course. However, I do have friends and such that know me in different ways that not even Jeremy does because there are things we don’t have in common. I guess what I’m saying is, the soul can mate with several if wanted. I’m obviously just not intimate with everyone.

4. Are you single or taken?
If I say that I am taken will Liam Neeson come save me?

5. Best gift you have ever received?
Crap, these are the types of questions where I just sit back and open a can of corn and gag everyone. I would have to say my daughters. The best “surprises” I’ve ever received in life. 🙂

6. Favorite love song(s)?
I listen to a lot of metal and there aren’t many mushy love songs in that genre. If there are, I probably don’t like them.

7. What is your favorite flower?
Red roses and sunflowers!

8. Favorite romantic movie?
I don’t watch many romantic movies, but we did watch Silver Linings and About Time last night and they both made me do the ugly cry. That rarely happens.

9. Dream love destination?
Love destination? As in, somewhere I want to go on a honeymoon or something? I would like to go back to Paris, as corny and cliche as that sounds. It truly is the city of love…and wine.

10. Are you still friends with your exes?
You are very funny.

11. Describe your ex using only movie titles
I’m not bitter, so I will politely skip this one and pass the salt to someone else.

12. Fondest memories with your partner or ex?
one year 1

one year 3

Anytime I get to watch Jeremy be a great father (which is everyday) is a fond memory. I can’t pick just one day.

13. Describe your ideal date?
Dinner and cuddling and a full 8 hours of blissful sleep if and when Piper allows it.

14. Have you been on a blind date?
Shit no. I am very wary of strangers.

15. Last person you said I Love You to?
Jeremy, this morning.

16. How much old compared to you was the oldest/youngest person you dated?
My last serious boyfriend was quite a bit older than me.

17. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
Can’t say that I have.

18. Do you believe in astrological capabilities (horoscopes)?

19. Who should pay on the first date (the guy or girl)?
I guess it depends on if this has been arranged beforehand. If I’m going on a first date I make sure to at least have enough money for myself, and if the person I’m with offers to pay, well that’s okay. Jeremy and I used to take turns paying for dates though. When I worked outside of home, I worked really hard for my money and didn’t care to show that I was self sufficient.

20. How are did you spending your Valentines Day?
Valentines was yesterday, and we spent it hanging out with our daughters. I made Harmony her favorite dish, fried rice with lots of veggies and Jeremy made me and him lo mein noodles with steak and shrimp. He also made a german chocolate cake from scratch, and it was delicious. We also found some time to be alone after the girls went to sleep…if you catch my drift.

I tag anyone that wants to participate 🙂

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