July Favorites!

Hey lovelies,

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means that I get to talk about all the things I’ve been loving on and around my face for the past month! Most of what I talked about was makeup, of course, but I did add a random favorite in there.

The question of the day is, what do you all like to see in favorites videos? I try to keep it down to my absolute favorites to avoid talking for 30 mins, but I am always up for hearing feedback regarding my channel and content. Even though I film and post what I like, I do keep in mind that others watch me and I would hate to sound repetitive or put everyone to sleep.

Do you all like favorites videos with strictly makeup, or some skincare and hair stuff mixed with a few random things? Let me know!

I hope you all enjoyed July’s video! If you’re new to my blog, please subscribe to my channel! I typically post videos to my blog after they’ve been on my channel for a few days.

All products mentioned are in the description box 🙂 I did forget to mention that my awesome hat is from Rue 21.

Have a good day, lovelies.

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5 thoughts on “July Favorites!

  1. Personally, I like a good mix of everything. I feel like there is no wayyyyyyyy someone can have like 10 lipstick faves and 12 palettes and etc etc all in just 1 month. I like to see a good mix of everything because to me that means the YouTuber actually likes these things and isn’t just coming up with a bunch of shit for the sake of the video (like I used to my first few months of faves). Does that make sense? IDK maybe I’m just odd haha. But I hope this helps! I’m still working on the right balance myself. Also, I don’t personally care if someone only has like 5 products, but I prefer videos to be in the 10-12 minute range (another thing I’m working on). P.S. recorded the RIGHT video today 🙂 I will edit tomorrow morning!!

  2. Lol I see what you’re saying. I have to actually cut down my lipstick faves each month because I am that youtuber that could make a whole video dedicated to lipstick every month. I agree, I like it more when vloggers talk about their favorites a bit more and why they like it instead of being like “I liked it, kthanxbai” especially if it’s a new product.

  3. Bahahahaha “I liked it, kthanxbai”. OMG. I think there is a lot of pressure on vloggers to show the newest and hottest stuff, and instead of spending time with the products they just toss ’em all up there. But I would love to see some lifestyle faves in your stuff (kinda like how you showed us your fave jewelry pcs!? That was super cool)!

  4. I agree, and I will admit to falling into the pressure a few times because it is hard to constantly review and talk about things when new and pretty things are always coming out O.o I will keep that in mind, because I buy earrings almost as much as I buy lipstick. Almost.

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