New on the Youtubes: Colourpop Review + Empties

Hey lovelies,

Today I have another update from my Youtube channel! Have you all noticed that I’ve been posting two videos a week the past few weeks? I’m wanting to keep it that way, but we shall see. I do feel very inspired at the moment and I have a lot of things that I want to share.

I do have two new videos, a review with swatches and a more chill video where we all gaze upon my tiny trash bin.

My Colourpop Ultra Matte liquid lipstick review with 9 lip swatches went up very recently! I’ve been meaning to do this review for awhile, but liquid lipstick reviews take up a lot of time if I’m being honest. It’s time that I love filming though. My personal favorite videos to film are lipstick reviews and monthly favorites.

A few footnotes: These truly do live up to their name and are very matte, and therefore can be drying. They do pair well with lip liners, and the Colourpop ones work stellar with these since they’re a creamier formula. The Nyx ones and Essence lip liners are also two awesome and affordable liner options.

This is my first ever empties video, and the general consensus is that I don’t completely suck at these, so I will be doing more of them in the future! Not gonna lie, the hoarding trash thing kinda confuses my boyfriend, but it’s for the blog. That’s actually how I justify a lot of things.

That’s everything that’s new on my Youtube channel for now! I’ll have my August favorites and a possible tutorial up soon ❤

As always, thanks for stopping by, and if you’re new here I hope you decide to stay and/or subscribe to my channel! Have a good day, lovelies.

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4 thoughts on “New on the Youtubes: Colourpop Review + Empties

  1. Loved the video! The swatches are amazing! Especially loving that green shade. It’s so much prettier than I thought. It really looks great on you too. I’m with you though. I think they feel super comfortable. They’re probably my favorite liquid lipsticks. Next to KVD of course lol.

  2. Lol KVD and Jeffree Star will probably always be my absolute favorite formulas, but it’s nice to be able to purchase all the fun colors and not spend my rent’s worth on it haha. Thank you for watching!

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