Face of the Day: Too Face Vegas Nay Palette

too faced vegas nay

Hey lovelies,

Today’s “face of the day” post is going to be a bit more tame, mostly because I was testing a new palette out. Ah, what new palette, you ask? The Too Faced Stardust palette! I will have a full review with swatches on Saturday, so stay tuned. I just couldn’t wait to play around with it, so here I am.

too faced vegas nay

Primer: Nivea Men’s post shaving balm. I know, it sounds so weird, but I really love this primer. I’ll go over it more in my August Favorites video.

Foundation: Revlon Colorstay the one for normal/dry skin in 110 Ivory

Concealer: Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer in “Chantilly.”

Powder: On my face is the Laura Geller Balance and Brightening Powder in “Porcelain” and under my eyes is the Physicians Formula correcting powder in “Translucent”

Contour: Wet n Wild Dulce De Leche

Blush: Milani “Luminoso” (surprise?)

Highlight: the highlight shade in the City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette

too faced vegas nay

Brows: Milani pomade in “dark brown” set with Nyx’s brow mascara in “black”

Eye Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

On my lids: I used “Chandelier” in the Stardust palette on my brow bone and swept “millenial” in my crease as a transition shade. I then took “Girl’s night” on a smaller brush and put that in the crease as well.

I put “double tap” on the outside half and then placed #selfie on the lid and inner corner of my eye. I put a tiny bit of “Sin City” on the very outer corner to add a bit of dimension. I then took chandelier again and blended the outside edges so everything looked smooth.

First impresion of this palette: It blends like a dream. Not that I would expect anything less from Too faced, their shadows are some of my all time favorites.

Lashes & Liner: liner is physicians formula eye booster filled in with NYC’s liquid liner, and lashes are Ardell #203. Not too sure how I feel about these lashes. Not a huge fan of the thick banded false lashes. I feel like Snuffalupagus in them. Mascara on top and bottom is Too Faced’s better than sex mascara.


Bottom Lash Line: Kat Von D’s autograph liner is in my water line. I blended “double tap” “Girl’s night” and “Millenial” on the lower lash line.

Lips: Urban Decay’s ‘Shame” lined with Colourpop’s lippie pencil in “Creature”

Skull Septum Clicker: Minkymonky.com

Amethyst Necklace: from an etsy shop called Hell Kitten

Afterthoughts: I’m really considering going with a more traditional bettie bang style with my bangs. Thoughts? Also, this is the makeup look I did to start off the month of September. I felt it was a good transitional look.

Things I love about Fall: cozy sweaters, snuggles, rosy cheeks, bonfires etc.

Things that don’t make me feel hyped up: Pumpkin spice everything. I can’t be the only one here? I’ll just get excited early for peppermint mochas.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this look! Will you be picking up the Vegas Nay palette? What are some of your favorite things about fall? Feel free to comment and chat with me!

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8 thoughts on “Face of the Day: Too Face Vegas Nay Palette

  1. I love this look. As for your bangs, they look great as they are, but I am sure that bettie bangs will look great on you as well. 🙂
    I’m thinking about getting bangs again, after almost two or more years of growing them out. Just waiting for the heat and humidity to die down here before making my appointment for the “big chop”.

  2. okay so I know you said you aren’t a huge fan of the lashes because they make your eyeballs look fat and hairy (I mean, what else am I supposed to think when you say Snufalumpaugus…), but I just have to say they look freaking beautiful on you. So there. I win.

  3. “Fat and hairy” that just made my chuckle hahaha! They just felt heavy. And every time I saw that creature blink I would think, “How the hell does he even blink? His eyes must be so heavy!” Thank you! I’m going to try and venture out into the land of more glamorous lashes. I always see them on others like those Koko lashes and such and I’m kinda jealous of them.

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