Fall Lipstick Challenge Week 3 Update & Photos

Hey lovelies,

We’re 3 weeks into my personal Fall lipstick challenge! Yay! I have honestly had so much fun doing lip swatches everyday and trying out new lipsticks and digging out old favorites. I kind of don’t want this to end. Thirty days has not seemed like enough, I have way too much lipstick. Anyway, on to what was on my lips last week..

jordana matte frappucino

Day 16: Nyx’s liner in “Espresso” topped with Jordana’s matte lipstick in “Matte Frappucino.” I really like how this combo turned out. I think this is a wearable brown lipstick without being too dark, and even if you bought both products it’s going to be very affordable. The Jordana matte lipsticks are actually quite nice, and they wear very comfortably. My only beef is the packaging is super cheap and the names all rub off quickly, which is a pet peeve of mine, especially as a blogger.

makeup monsters hit the dirt

Day 17: Makeup Monsters “Hit the Dirt” I ordered two shades when these were restocked a few weeks back, and I am just now getting a chance to try them out. Makeup Monsters actually reformulated their liquid lipsticks and they are not long lasting! This shade lasted through 2 cups of coffee and lunch without budging, so it’s pretty awesome! I plan on doing an updated video regarding their brand soon with lip swatches of every one that I own.

makeup monsters blackened heart

Day 18: Colourpop’s “Pitch” topped with Makeup Monsters “Blackened Heart.” I actually filmed a video wearing the look in this picture, but I am in love with this lip combo. I love finding things in my collection and revamping them by combining them, and this day I took out two lippies that needed some love and created a beautiful Fall color.

colourpop guess

Day 19: Colourpop’s “Guess” topped with La Girl’s lip glaze in “Tempt.” I woke up the morning I took this feeling like death. I have asthma, so any cold I get goes straight to my respiratory system. However, I’m quite used to it so I mustered up the will powder to put on enough makeup to look presentable and go grocery shopping. I wanted something a bit glossier since my nose was stuffy, so I put this LA Girl glaze over a liquid lipstick. They paired wonderfully, and even more importantly, the glaze didn’t get on my teeth!

pretty zombie cosmetics dahlia

Day 20: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics “Dahlia.” I can’t go a month without wearing one of my all time favorite liquid lipsticks. Dahlia is the perfect shade for Fall. These liquid lipsticks aren’t long lasting, but they do last quite a while and feel super comfortable on the lips. I was actually in love with how this entire look turned out this day, but I did not think to film it. Go figure.

wet n wild photobomb

Day 21: Wet n Wild’s “Photobomb.” If you follow me on Snapchat, you probably saw me with a red lip. Well, I changed it. I wanted to wear this one since it’s new and pretty and oozes Fall vibes. I love the megalast lipsticks, and this shade is really lovely. But hurry, it’s limited edition so it won’t be around forever! Scarf is from Kohl’s and it’s new πŸ™‚

colourpop LBB

Day 22: Colourpop’s “LBB.” I really wanted to wear a more wine-ish berry shade of lipstick, and this is one of my favorites. I love the Colourpop matte formula, they apply so easily and stay put for a bit despite being a bit more hydrating. I think this shade flatters many skin tones, and I haven’t seen it look bad on anyone yet! Necklace is from Bella Morta Jewelry.

That’s it for today’s update post! What were some of your favorites from last week? I really love Hit the Dirt and the Pitch and Blackened Heart combo, personally. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I hope you’re all having wonderful days, and I will be back tomorrow for this week’s ‘Face of the Day” post!

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11 thoughts on “Fall Lipstick Challenge Week 3 Update & Photos

  1. I am loving day 18, I have been hunting for a perfect deep red lipstick recently but they are all too orange-y for my liking. This looks perfect 😍

  2. 19, 20 and 21 for the win! Sorry you felt like death that day but that lipstick is perfect on you and bonus points for keeping your teeth lipstick free haha πŸ™‚

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