Morphe 35N Palette Review & Swatches

morphe 35N palette

Hey lovelies,

It’s time for a Swatch Saturday post! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know what this post is going to be about!

Has there ever been a brand that you’ve been hesitant to try because it was so hyped up on the internet, and most of the people talking about it were affiliated with the brand? Morphe was that brand for me. I was hesitant to buy anything, until I saw Raw Beauty Kristi talking about how wonderful their palettes are. I trust Kristi’s opinion because she truly is very raw and honest, and because she admitted to not being affiliated with them and she had bought their products herself.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with affiliate links and codes, bloggers have to make money. What made me hesitant about Morphe is that they were one of those brands that I felt I never saw anyone mention them unless they were affiliated, and that raises questions for me as a consumer, especially after another brand’s fiasco with this very issue. So, I ordered some single shadows to test the waters before anything, and I fell in love. I mentioned the single shadows I have in my Everyday Fall Z-Palette post, and they truly are very affordable and awesome shadows!

After that, I decided I wanted the 35O palette when it came back into stock, I saw that Morphe was on sale on I love a good Hautelook bargain, and this pretty all matte palette was $15 that day. That’s right, I snagged a palette with 35 matte shades for $15. Gah, I love Hautelook. Even with their kinda pricey shipping, this palette was worth it for me, and the waiting game began.

Even when this palette is not on sale, it’s $23 or so on their website at all times, which is awesome.

I had no idea what to expect with this palette, but I know I didn’t expect to fall head over heels in makeup love with it.

If you’re not new to my blog, you’ll know I have a soft spot for matte eyeshadows. However, I can be a bit picky with matte palettes and I have a few personal requirements, which include a good mixture of warm and cool shades, some skin toned shades, and great transition shades.

This palette met my expectations and exceeded them.

Since there are 35 shades, there are obviously going to be quite a few options. What I truly adored about this palette right away was the range of neutral light shades in the first row. There are warm ones, neutral toned ones, and a few pink toned shades.

There are quite a few transition shades that are perfect for darker skin tones and for fair skin tones. This is so essential to me, because I am someone who always uses a matte transition shade in almost every look I do. I love having the option to use a warm transition shade or a cool one.

More perks: There are also very dark shades in this palette, and even some fun shades like some pinks and purples.

Shades like pink and purple can take your look from everyday neutral to a glamorous night time look almost instantly if you put it on the lower lash line.

There’s also a matte gray in this palette, which is something I don’t always see in neutral palettes. I like gray, and I find it flattering on lighter colored eyes.

Are they pigmented? Yes! Pigmented mattes are crucial to me in any palette, and these are very pigmented. When I swatched most of them, the texture reminded me of the Too Faced mattes in their Natural Mattes palette.

However, a few of them were a bit hard to work with while swatching. The second to last shade (dark almost black gray) was very patchy, and I wasn’t a fan of the pink. Well, I can’t say I’ve ever been impressed with a matte pink from any palette. Ever. Am I alone in this?

How do they blend? Like a damn dream. Not even kidding. I am someone that likes to stack neutrals in the crease and add drama on the outside, and with the wrong eyeshadow formula, it can get muddy and messy really quick and with the swipe of a brush. I am able to create looks with so much depth with this palette by layering and stacking colors, and that makes my smokey eye loving self super happy. I can blend until my heart’s content and these have remained pigmented and smooth looking.


morphe 35N

1st Row

morphe 35N

2nd Row

Morphe 35N

3rd Row

morphe 35N

4th Row

Morphe 35N

5th Row

As you can see, there is a pretty awesome array of matte shades in this palette. I feel like this is the dream Fall palette I needed in my life, and probably the best impulsive Hautelook buy I’ve ever made. The first and last rows of this palette are my life. I can’t stop using them.

The only shades I don’t foresee getting much love are the pink and the second to last dud shade in this palette. But that set aside, this palette is still a bargain! If Hautelook has this on sale on their site again soon, I highly recommend this if you’re someone looking for a neutral matte palette to possibly travel with. It has ever shade you would need for day time and night time looks, and just add some purple if you want to for a more colorful look!

I’m really satisfied with this palette, and it definitely made me a bit more anxious to finally have the 35O palette in my hands. Yes, I bought that one too. Yes, I will have swatches up probably next week!

What are your thoughts on this palette? If you own some Morphe palettes, which are your favorites? Tell me about it in the comments!

I hope you’re all having lovely weekends, and as always, thanks for reading! I hope you decide to stop by my blog again soon!

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12 thoughts on “Morphe 35N Palette Review & Swatches

  1. I think with Morphe pretty much ANYONE can be an affiliate and that’s why you see so many people only talking about them when they are affiliated (they all are, haha). I haven’t tried anything from them either but this palette looks/sounds amazing!

  2. They look really good, great honest review! I’ve been following them on Instagram for a while and their photos look stunning, but had no idea about the affliate thing x

  3. I really love this palette! I feel it’s a hidden gem at the moment since everyone is wanting the 35O. I agree about the affiliate thing, which is why it made me a bit nervous towards their brand, but not because of the affiliation itself, if that makes sense. There are a few brands that are popular that I will still buy from because there are a lot of non-vloggers that rave about them as well, but there are a few that I don’t see a lot of non youtubers talk about.

  4. Thank you! I think they just have a very laid back affiliate program which is probably why so many have codes and such, but after things coming out about a few brands regarding paid positive reviews etc, it made me hesitant. I don’t want to be the one that raves about a brand that ends up being a bit shady!

  5. I hear you about brands that seem to do a lot of sponsored posts – makes me suspicious. This palette looks so impressive being that all the shades are matte – wow, really, you’d only need this palette and a shimmer version and you’d be set! (lol said no one)

  6. I saw something on pinterest that said every single eyeshadow in that palette is a dupe for a MAC eyeshadow. Did you find that to be true? I am happy to read such a good review as i have been considering these.

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