October Ipsy: Alter Ego

october ipsy

Hey beauties!

It’s time for an unbagging! Today, I will be going over what I received in my October Ipsy bag. If you’re unfamiliar with Ipsy, they’re a monthly beauty subscription that sends 4-5 deluxe sample sized products or full sized products for $10 per month. I’ve been subscribed to them personally for almost three years now!

I believe the theme this month was “Alter Egos” since it’s October, and the bag is black on one side and gold on the other. I think it’s a cute theme. I suppose I have an alter ego. When I was younger I had a small group of friends that called me Vanessa, and Vanessa was a super outgoing girl and wasn’t as anxious as I am in real life. Is that how alter egos work? We’re rolling with it.

Anyway, remember when I said that last month my bag was stolen out of my mailbox? Well, this month I had an item missing. Totally not Ipsy’s fault, it’s just been an unlucky couple of months for me in terms of getting makeup in the mail unharmed. I’m still going to do this unbagging though and just mention the thing I’m missing, since they are being kind enough once again and sending me the item I’m missing.

1. Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion: This is the item I’m missing. So, I’m not heartbroken per say, but I am looking forward to trying this. I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten from Dr. Brandt, and they are an expensive brand, so I do enjoy samples I get from them. I’m still using the pore reducing primer I got awhile back.

 2. Dose Color Pill Nail Polish in Stormy Personally, I love getting nail polishes in my beauty subscriptions! I love that this polish is shaped like a pill, and the color is very unique to my collection! It’s a dark grayish-purple shade that is right up my alley and will definitely get used!

3. Emite Makeup Tweezer Okay, not gonna lie, I was not happy about getting tweezers in my bag this month. I’m one of those people that doesn’t feel certain brands of tweezers make any difference, and I already have about 10 lying around my house in different places. However, when I got this set it does feel different than my others. I have used it a few times, and it works really well for getting those tiny stubborn little hairs out near your eyebrows! Not a total loss in the end.

4. Delectable Coconut Hand Cream I love getting hand creams in my bags because it saves me from having to buy them. I always have a hand cream in my purse, and another in my car. I have really dry skin and my hands get eczema patches in the fall and winter, and on top of that I am constantly washing dishes. My hands can feel super dry and almost cracked some days, so having hand creams everywhere is fine by me. I love the scent of this one, and it was way bigger in size than I thought! It will last me a long while.

5. The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Committed Okay, I was almsot squealed when I saw this in my bag. I wanted it sooo bad! I’ve been wanting to try these liquid lipsticks, but I can’t justify getting another liquid lipstick right now. So, shout out to Ipsy for obviously reading my mind.I really love this shade as well. It’s a dark pinky-nude. I would swatch it, but there’s so little in the tube because it’s just a sample that I don’t want to waste. However, I will probably be doing a short review on it in the next couple of weeks for anyone interested!

That’s everything I got in my October Ipsy bag! What did you all get? Were you happy with your bag? Better yet, do you have an alter ego?

I’m really happy with my bag this month even if one item was missing, and I really love Ipsy’s review system which is why I believe my bags have been better catered to my wants over the past few months. Always review your bag at the end of the month, I promise it makes a difference.

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all having wonderful days!

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2 thoughts on “October Ipsy: Alter Ego

  1. Wow, we got the exact same items! I wasn’t thrilled with the tweezers either but did really like everything else in the bag. 🙂

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