Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Contour Book + Supernatural Palette

lunatick contour palette

Hey lovelies,

I’m sure it’s no surprise what I’ll be swatching today since I’ve been talking about these items constantly on my Instagram over the past few weeks.

I also wanted to mention these because Lunatick will have a sale on Cyber Monday (November 30) for 20% site wide! The email didn’t have a promo code, so I’m assuming the discount will be applied before checkout! So, if you’ve been wondering about these things and have been on the fence and you’re interested in my review, please keep reading.

Backstory: My boyfriend and I took our kids out bowling a few weeks ago, and he said I couldn’t beat him. He legitimately bet me, and said if I beat him once I could buy any makeup palette I wanted. Well, don’t make bets involving makeup with a makeup enthusiast. I will bowl my heart out, despite not being particularly fond of the sport. Needless to say, that is how this palette came into my possession. The Supernatural eye palette was a birthday present to myself πŸ˜€

I did have a request to swatch both palettes on my blog, so this will be a conjoined post.

If you’re unfamiliar with Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, they’re a vegan/cruelty free indie brand that is becoming known for their badass packaging. Their face products are also talc free, which makes them very appealing to anyone with incredibly sensitive skin, or is wary towards talc to begin with.

Contour book price: $74

Okay,Β  I know that sounds so steep for a contour palette, but let me try to break it down to take away a bit of the panic, because I felt like gagging at the price for awhile as well.

For $74, you are getting 12 pans filled with 4 grams of product each.Β  That is essentially a little over $6 per pan, which is actually cheaper than Makeup Geek and most brands, honestly. You are also getting a contour palette with more than just contour, bronzer, and highlighting shades. You are getting a palette with very unique contour shades, typical contour shades, highlighting powders, and blushes.

These powders can also be used on your lids, so in a sense you are getting a contour and eyeshadow palette in one. Plus, look at the packaging:

lunatick contour palette

When I broke it down like that instead of just thinking, “$74 holy shiiiiz,” it seemed like the right palette to invest in. I don’t personally own the Anastasia or Kat Von D contour palettes, so I needed a new one.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t you own their other cool contour kit?” I do. It was discontinued to make room for this contour book, so I needed to upgrade. I personally don’t enjoy using products on my blog/channel that others can’t get as well.

There are differences between the powders in this contour book vs. the older cool contour kit. I loved the past cool contour kit, but the powders were very silky and almost too hard with work with at times for contour. It was very easy to go overboard and look dead when it wasn’t my intention. The powders in the newer contour book are pressed better, and more compact, making it harder to go overboard.

With that being said, these are still very easy to work with, and I like the formula of the new contour book better than the older cool contour kit, which is a big deal because if you’re familiar with my blog and Youtube channel, I love the hell out of that palette.

This contour book isn’t for the faint of heart. There are “odd” shades in here, but that’s what I love about it. I view makeup in general as something to be played around with, to experiment and be bold, and contouring falls into that category. So, I know that some will look at this and be terrified, but all I see are possibilities. A purple contour? Hell yes, I need that on my face right now.

Another thing I like about this palette is the range of light cool tones and darker ones, making this something those with darker skin tones can enjoy as well. This includes the blushes. I feel Lunatick created a decent range of blushes for this palette that go from light to dark.

I also like that there are two highlighting powders. The white cream shade is more translucent and has the faintest hint of shimmer, making this ideal for setting your under eye concealer, which is what I have been using it for…everyday. My concealer has not creased at all with this powder! I do enjoy the banana cream shade as well, but yellow powders tend to make me look a bit jaundiced.

In all, these are not too powdery, but pigmented enough to be ideal many skin tones ranging from fair to deep. It’s just a matter of if you want a contour palette with non mainstream shades in it! I love it so far, and it is totally worth the investment.

These swatches were done over no primer and in natural daylight. For reference, my skin shade is very fair (Kat Von D 42 fair) with cool undertones.

Now, let’s move on to the Supernatural eye palette.


lunatick cosmetic labs

The Supernatural palette is that pretty coffin shaped eye palette on the left. That’s right, this is coffin shaped. I adore the packaging.

The price of this palette is $35 for 5 shades.

What I love: I love the shade choices in this palette. It’s a very fall/winter (or all the time if you’re me) appropriate palette because it’s mostly matte. It has the perfect transition and crease shades and a gorgeous burgundy shade. I didn’t know how I would feel about the cream matte pink shade, but it compliments this palette so well! I feel the pink makes the mauve and wine shades really pop without it being too stark, like if there was a matte white in it’s place. The shimmer shade on the end isn’t all that shimmery, but it does make for a nice inner corner shade.

The few things I didn’t love: The shimmery shade is probably best used over top of another shade or in the inner corner. It doesn’t translate well alone, but I’m assuming that’s because it’s not supposed to be intense. I like intense shimmery shades, but that is strictly a personal preference. I like being able to do both matte and shimmery looks.


supernatural palette

From the wrist down: Ghoulight, Reicarnation, Spook, Myth, Invocation


Β How these translate on the lids and blend: Beautifully. I was highly impressed with how amazingly these blend and how easy it was to pack color on, which is crucial regarding mostly matte shades. I am head over heels in love with the shades Ghoulight and Spook.

Is this palette worth it? I think it is, but I have mentioned before that I am tired of the typical packaging with eyeshadows and shade range. I skipped out on the Gwen Stefani palette and the new Tarte palette for this very reason. The packaging really set the deal with me for this palette, and the shades are really nice and ones I wear very often! The packaging is adorable, yet compact, so it will be travel friendly, and a conversation piece if you do travel with it!

If you want to see the contour book and supernatural palettes in action, I did record a tutorial using them!



That’s about everything I wanted to say about these two palettes! What are your thoughts on them? Do you like the idea of a purple contour?

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all having lovely days!

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7 thoughts on “Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Contour Book + Supernatural Palette

  1. Hah – that’s great you won this in a bet! πŸ™‚ What would have been his prize if he’d won?
    Both palettes look great, and you’re right, when you break it down by grams they’re not that expensive (provided you will use all the shades include – which it seems like you will). Purple contour… I’ll pass! πŸ˜›

  2. Lol well the bet was I only had to beat him once, and out of the 4 games we played he beat me 3 times…and that one time he lost hurt his wallet :p Haha! I think the shades are more gray than purple, but they’re still probably out of most’s comfort zones.

  3. Great palettes! I think a purple contour would be so neat!!! I remember you posting on FB about winning the bowling game against your BF. Bowling is so not my sport either! I am supposed to go this next coming Friday and am not sure if I want to actually bowl or just hang out lol. Anyway, I love all of these shades in both palettes! ❀

  4. Awe, how cute! I’m going to have to bet my hubby more often πŸ˜‰ I’m not a fan of the packaging but those pink shades though… so pretty!

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