Swatch Saturday: Revealed Smoky Palette

coastal scents revealed smoky

Hey beauties,

I feel like I don’t get to do swatch Saturday posts as often as I formally did, but I have a really exciting one to share today! I’ll be showing swatches of the brand new Coastal Scents Revealed Palette and giving my very first impressions.

Did anyone else squeal when they saw bloggers revealing this and putting it next to the Urban Decay Smoky palette? Because I totally did. If you’re unfamiliar with Coastal Scents, they create Revealed palettes that come with 20 shades each, and many times the shades are dupes for Urban Decay Naked shades.

If you’re new to my blog, I’m obsessed with the Revealed 2 palette. I use it over many of the high end palettes. It’s so awesome. I recently did a tutorial with the Revealed Palette, which is also a great palette to have if you’re into cool tones. I don’t have the Revealed 3 because it didn’t appeal to me, and it didn’t get great overall reviews. So, when I saw Thataylaa rave about this…I knew I was going to order it the day it came out. We all know how much I love a great smokey eye. I’m still not sure why Coastal Scents also spelled Smoky wrong like Urban Decay did though.

Anyway, the packaging of this palette is my favorite so far. It’s got that marble type smoke look to it, and it just looks really clean despite it being in cardboard, in my opinion. Yes, this is a cardboard type palette, so it’s not like the gorgeous packaging of the Naked Smoky one.

This palette is only $19.95 though, and comes with almost twice as many shades. Right off the bat, I noticed this palette had a decent mixture of matte and shimmer shades. Something that is always important to me in palettes is whether or not there’s both matte and shimmer. An all matte palette can look a bit flat, and an all shimmer palette can lack dimension and depth.

I don’t own the Naked Smoky palette, so I can’t compare quality or shades, but as an overall darker type of palette, I love this. I think Coastal Scents did a great job at making sure there were darker and lighter shades. There’s a really nice cool toned transition shade and cream shade. My initial thoughts before swatching were, “I can create daytime and night time smokey eyes with this. Heck yes.”

After I swatched every shade, my mind was made. This palette is awesome so far! There are no shade names, but the left picture is swatches from the top row, and the right from the bottom row.

The only shades that took a bit of work for me to swatch were the cream shade and the the navy blue shade. The navy shade was a bit patchy and had to be built up, but I’m not saying it’s a total dud, and neither is the cream shade. They just took a bit of work.

The shimmer shades in this palette swatched like a dream though! Very smooth, and the only one that was a little too buttery and crumbled a bit was the deep taupe shade on the bottom row.

The dark brown and gray shades in this palette are to die for. I used those in my look for my Black Moon Cosmetics Review, and they blended out so easily, and were very pigmented. The shades didn’t get muddy on me, which is a pet peeve of mine regarding darker themed palettes. I don’t enjoy when all the shades look pretty in the palette and then when you go to swatch them they all look the same. I didn’t experience that feeling while swatching these. There’s always that one shade for me in Revealed palettes that steals my heart, and in this one it’s the dark gray shade. It’s so perfect.

However, I’m a fan of all these shades and I can’t wait to create more looks and tutorials using it! Winter is almost here, which means panda smokey eyed Kayla will come out to play way more often. Or maybe alien Kayla. Definitely both.


Do I feel this palette is worth it? Yes, I really do.As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t own the Naked Smoky palette, and I don’t know if I will ever end up getting it. I’m not sure if I will need it now that I have this palette. If you own the Naked Smoky palette, you might not need this one as well. If you don’t own it, but you’re interested in a palette that has a dupe for every shade and has double the amount of shades for less than half the price…get it.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Will you be snagging this anytime soon or passing on it?  Tell me all about it!

If you want to check this out and possible buy it here’s a link* –

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all having great weekends.

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3 thoughts on “Swatch Saturday: Revealed Smoky Palette

  1. I thought the same thing when I saw Thatayla’s review, I just forgot to order lol. This looks so much better than the original UD one (which I returned btw). I do find it crazy though that nobody knows how to spell, haha 🙂

  2. I thought it would be a way bigger stab for Coastal Scents to say “we duped your palette, added shades, and spelled Smokey right.” The fact that they both spelled it the same almost makes me want to question myself lol.

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