February Favorites & A Life Update!

I can’t be the only human in existence that forgets February is the shortest month of the year. Every. Dang. Year.

February was an eventful month for me. I was able to try out a few new things, and my life is changing quite a bit. I go over it in the video, but spoiler alert, I’m pregnant with baby #3. We’re really excited, but that’s why I’ve been a bit inconsistent and super behind on videos and reviews lately. I’ve done nothing but sleep. Well, I’ve taken care of kids obviously, but any time I can snooze with them, I’ve been sleeping. However, I’m almost out of the fatigue zombie feeling first trimester, which means I’ll be back with more posts before long!

I didn’t want anyone to think I’ve been intentionally ignoring others or all around bored with life. I’m basically a human cat right now. All I have energy for some days is sleeping and making sure I don’t smell bad.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my favorites this month!

8 thoughts on “February Favorites & A Life Update!

  1. Congrats again! I had noticed that you’d been a bit MIA lately, but I figured you were just busy. I’ve always wondered how you managed to do as much as you do watching 2 small children! I’m very happy for you πŸ™‚ I’m only 4 weeks further along than you too (I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut, haha) so our babies will be due pretty close to each other. I’m def a lot less tired now so you’ll get there soon!

  2. I’ve been super busy…sleeping :p lol. The first trimester has always been the worst for me. I can handle not sleeping way more than I can sleeping all the time for whatever reason.

  3. HUGE congrats Kayla, that’s awesome news huni!!! First 16 weeks were exhausting for me when I was pregnant with Emma, could have literally slept on a washing line lol However you look amazing, and hope you begin to feel a burst of energy again v soon! And nope, you’re most certainly not the only one who forgets how short February is… crazy we’re in March already!!! Stay healthy huni πŸ™‚ XXXXX

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