Worth the Hype? Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

too faced sweet peach

Hello beauties,

I have another palette review today! If you are on Instagram or really anywhere beauty related, you’ve probably seen the hype behind the limited edition Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. It’s a touchy subject for some, and it was for me for a few weeks. I collect palettes, Too Faced palettes are some of my favorites, and I knew I wanted to try this one. I missed every release for a week, and I’m normally a beast at online releases. Finally, I was able to snag one on HSN. I had to wait for a month for it to arrive to me. A MONTH.

So, is it worth all the virtual hype? That’s part of what I will be going over in today’s review.

First off, the packaging is your standard cuter-than-life Too Faced packaging. It comes in the long tin, much like the Chocolate Bar, and has a peachy ombre color to the front of it. If you’re a collector like myself, this packaging is already very aesthetically pleasing. I expect nothing less from Too Faced, their packaging is always very cute while remaining practical in terms of storage.

too faced sweet peach palette

When you open the palette up, before you can even take a look at the shades, your nose is graced by the smell of delicious peaches. I love the chocolate bar palette because it smells heavenly, and this one smells even yummier to me. I absolutely adore the scent of peaches, and I typically smell like a walking peach all year long.

Next you’ll probably notice that this palette is laid out a bit different than other Too Faced palettes. Normally, the food type palettes have 2 longer shades so the palette only has 16 shades, while this one has 18 shades, all in the same sized pans. I personally like this lay out so much better. Less space taken up equals more shades. It’s so rare that I would ever go through a shade that the longer ones normally are, so I definitely prefer to have more shades to play around with.

Price: $49

Accessibility: Good luck trying to find this palette right now.

I’m honestly not trying to be a smart ass when I say that. This palette has been a pain in the butt crack for so many people to get, to the point I’ve read people being in tears over not being able to get one. I have never seen a palette this hyped up and in high demand before, and I’ve been collecting palettes for awhile. I hope that Too Faced makes this palette permanent, maybe this is the soft pregnant heart of mine speaking, but I do wish everyone that wants this palette can get it.


too faced sweet peach palette

Bottom to top: white peach, luscious, just peachy, bless her heart, tempting, charmed I’m sure, nectar, cobbler, candied peach

too faced sweet peach palette

Bottom to top: Bellini, peach pit, delectable, peaches n cream, georgia, caramelized, puree, summer yum, talk derby to me

These were all swatched with no primer underneath and beneath indirect daylight bulbs.

My personal favorite shades in this palette are bellini, peach pit, puree, and summer yum. Peach Pit is such a rich and luxurious shade of brown. I die over it.

I found that all of these shades swatched much like the shades in my Chocolate Bar palette, smoothly and I was able to get a lot of product with little to no effort. This is why I love Too Faced shadows in general.

I do enjoy that there are lighter and deeper shades in this palette. This is something that I harp on a lot during reviews. I think the perfect palette has the potential create daytime and nighttime looks. Many palettes just kind of skip on the deeper tones, and that’s just weird to me. There are 4 true matte shades in this palette, but white peach can be blended out to a matte if needed, so more like 5 mattes, which is pretty decent, in my opinion.

As you can probably see, this palette is very warm toned. I’ll admit that I expected a few more true peach shades, but I found myself happy with the shades they did include. There’s peachy shades for more toned down looks, and a brighter one (candied peach) for those more daring. I also love the inclusion of purple in this palette. For some reason, peach and purple look so gorgeous together. It’s a color combo I didn’t expect to personally love.

I have played around with this on my eyes.

For this more simple peachy smokey eye, I used the shades puree, summer yum, bellini, white peach, and peach pit. All of the shades applied well with a brush and I had no trouble blending them out, but I was still able to create a layered look easily. Once again, this is why I personally love Too Faced shadows in general. For the most part (some flops here and there) I have always been impressed with how smooth their shadows apply on my lids. I have a feeling that I will be reaching for this palette often in the Summer. I am not one to wear just bronze shades or golds, but peaches I feel are flattering on fair skin. Though if you have a deeper skin tone than me, I feel this palette would be stunning on your eyes because there are several deeper shades and some beautiful bronzes.

Do I feel this palette is worth the hype? Yes and no

Yes, if you’re someone like me that loves collecting palettes and is a Too Faced fan girl. If you are able to find this at your local Ulta or Sephora, I do feel this is a palette worth picking up and trying. Even if you don’t like it, it’s so wanted right now that you could sanitize it and resell it easily to someone else that is searching for it.

No, if you’re truly frustrated and do not want to fool with it. I understand 100%. I lucked out when I bought mine. About 1 min after I placed my order, it was sold out once again. I think a lot of the shades in this palette can be duped. I know that Nyx’s golden peach prismatic shadow is pretty close to the Bellini shade in this palette. Also, the Morphe 35O (another favorite of mine) is a very warm toned palette with peaches and oranges, and that palette is permanent, whereas the Sweet Peach palette is limited edition. Warm shades and peachy shades are so trendy and in demand right now that I do feel this palette is pretty easy to dupe. If you’re feeling down, check sites like Makeup Geek and Morphe for single shadows, you’ll probably be surprised at what you can find, or take a look in your collection.

With that being said, I do not regret this purchase. As I mentioned before, I do collect palettes, and Too Faced is a brand that I do enjoy collecting from. This palette did satisfy my collector’s soul, but I am also happy with the quality of it. Too Faced did not let me down this time.

If you have this palette, what are your thoughts on it? I love reading your all’s diverse opinions regarding products. Also, if you don’t have this, do you want it? Or do you think you’ll pass on this very hyped palette?

I hope you all found this review informative or entertaining in some way. As always, thank you all for reading, and I hope you’re all having lovely days.


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17 thoughts on “Worth the Hype? Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

  1. You know the pigmentation is great when an eyeshadow almost covers your tattoo 😂😂😂

  2. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this palette for so long. I really like it because there’s such a good balance of light colors and dark colors. I did read that Too Faced was making more but they wouldn’t be out for a few months. Lovely post!


  3. So much drama for a damn eye shadow palette! I think everyone needs to step back and take a deep breath! Damn…
    The look you came up with is really fresh and perfect for Spring. 🙂
    It’s nice quality-wise but I think the colours are all dupeable!

  4. I really like the look of Luscious and Just Peachy – two really pretty colours and the look you created for yourself is lovely. I’ve heard so many good things about these palettes but I always appreciate people pointing out the pros and cons of these as well and I love seeing the swatches tried out – always a handy comparison! Great review. – Tasha

  5. I needed to do 2-3 rounds of applications to get as pigmented as your photos. Please share how you did your swatching? For me, only the metallics had high payoff and the rest was quite weak. The smell is very alluring~~ the smell is the likely cause of the purchase. lol

  6. Lol! I agree the smell is very lovely. I don’t do anything too special to swatch, though it is possible it might have something to do with how fair my skin tone is. The metallics in this palette were wonderful for me as well. The mattes were okay, not mind blowing, but not terrible either.

  7. I think it’s important to point out cons as well! I have a major problem with impulsively buying something because it’s very hyped up on youtube or instagram, and I know I can’t be the only one lol, so pointing out cons kinda helps me out in a way as well. And thank you!

  8. RIGHT? I have never seen so much drama surround a freakin eyeshadow palette before. I agree, they are very dupable. I’m going to go through my collection soon and pull out shades that are close to the ones in here

  9. That’s awesome! I hope for everyone that they either make it permanent or find a way for everyone to get it through pre ordering or something of that nature. Thank you for reading!

  10. I honestly didn’t know how I felt about the brighter peach shades myself, but once I played around with them I felt the darker shades balanced out the bright shades really well on the eyes 🙂

  11. It is really pretty and I do wish I could smell it at least once before I die, lol, but I’m glad I decided to pass one. So much drama! Glad to see your review though. I always know I can trust you to tell it like it is 🙂

  12. I don’t own any high-end palettes (or high-end makeup, for that matter :)) ), but I’m very, very passionate on le subject and I watch a LOT of youtubers and know a lot of products and shades by heart haha. I really had my eye on the Semi-sweet chocolate bar palette, I swatched it at Sephora and those shades were more my cup of tea (+ I don’t really own a neutral palette – I’m more into colours 😀 golds, oranges, light greens… anyway, those browns looked just right for me, not to mention that Bon bon shade ❤ omg), and seeing the Sweet peach palette online, it looked really pretty but I didn't really think I wanted it (the first time I saw it I was a bit taken aback by the 'too many browns, too little peach') + I thought it would never be available in my country, either :)) But the shades Nectar and Luscious really called to me… so I was at Sephora a few days ago, and there I saw the palette!! I went straight into those two shades, and ohhh myyy goooosh, I was blown away ❤ For such a simple and understated shade, Nectar is pretty darn amazing! The smoothness, the subtle sheen, the lively transparency (?! :)) ), and to me it feels kind of unique. Also, Luscious!!!?! wow, the WA-BANG metallicness ( :)) ) ❤ splendid. Only at home did I wipe my hands from the swatches hahaha
    Aaaaanyway, so now I'm kinda considering buying it………. (though it has too many dark colours for me… but eh, imma work it out :)) )

    P.S.: They may not be exact dupes, but from all I've seen they are worthy-to-be-taken-into-consideration alternatives for a peachy fix: the Makeup Revolution palettes: Chocolate Vice, and New-trals vs. Neutrals

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