Current Beauty Favorites

Hey lovelies,

I posted a new video on my youtube channel! I did’t post my May favorites and we’re into July, so I decided just to do my current beauty favorites.

Not a whole lot since it’s Summer and applying makeup makes me feel miserable at times, but there’s still quite a bit.

Please like it and subscribe if you want to see more videos! There’s also a giveaway linked in the description box.

Pregnancy update: I am now 28 weeks which means I am in my third trimester. That’s right, this is the home stretch…no pun intended. I am due in late September, and chances are I will have some things scheduled starting in September and then I will taking a short leave on all platforms, including Instagram, to soak up newborn love.


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3 thoughts on “Current Beauty Favorites

  1. Home stretch, baha. OMG I’m 32 weeks right now and I feel like dying. I can’t believe I still have 8 weeks left. I hear that if you’ve had kids before, the newer ones often come early!? The selfish part of me is like… God I hope so. But then reality hits and I know the baby needs to bake a bit longer. You may have already said this, but I can’t remember… is it a boy or a girl!!??

  2. I think that’s true at times! My second daughter was born at 38 weeks and 4 days. I’m hoping that this time around I don’t go much further than 38-39 weeks because the last couple of weeks are awful lol. I’m having another girl šŸ˜€

  3. Yayyyy! Congrats šŸ™‚ Have you guys picked a name yet? We JUST settled on one like 2 weeks ago and thank goodness cause little man is due in 7 weeks, lol.

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