The Rantastic Rant

Before I begin this written rant, this is not pertaining to anything on my personal social media pages or anything that has happened to me recently. Just observational things. Well, mostly. I also curse when I rant. I like for my writing to be raw and emotional, and me in my raw state curses often. #notsorry


Social media in general kills me at times in the sense that it gives way too many people virtual courage. The things they would never dream of saying to someone’s face they say it on their instagram posts and under their youtube videos. I feel like a repetitive record at this point, because this very issue has been pointed out countless times over the course of a few months.

However, it’s something I feel needs to be discussed. It needs to be called out. People will say “ignore the haters *~*~*~” but in reality, we need to be calling them out each and every time they’re being shitty. Because the truth is, not everyone is in a mental state where they can just *ignore* someone being blatantly cruel. We can’t point out that cyber bullying takes lives while simultaneously telling everyone to just ignore them. It’s become apparent that it’s not getting better, it’s only getting worse. I’m convinced there’s something astrological playing into it, because some of the things I read actually make me cry.

Something else that annoys the ever living snot out of me is the sudden need to post all your personal preferences everywhere as if anyone else should care, especially on makeup pages. Why in the hell are you on a makeup page to begin with if you prefer “no makeup” and “natural looks.” No really, go on. Don’t harsh on our glitter.

On my personal Facebook page, I posted a picture without any makeup on. All my dark circles and acne scars were there to be seen, and most people responded well to it and understood my point. That I use makeup as a form of self expression, and that I genuinely like putting it on, not that I’m trying to trick and deceive people. Come on, I’ve been with the same partner for almost 6 years now. He’s seen me bare faced, butt naked while pregnant and 3 weeks post partum, he knows I’m not trying to freakin’ trick him, shit.

However, there’s always that one person that misses the point. This one person starts going on about how makeup is “crap” and no one needs to wear it and who wants to “smell, kiss and taste chemicals” and shit like that. Excuse me, sir, I didn’t invite you to this pow wow so you can give a back handed comment.

First off, I’m pretty sure many women don’t spend the money they do on makeup and smell like chemicals. I smell like glamour. Second, me announcing that I’m fine with my bare face isn’t an invitation to put women down for something many find empowering because you can’t grasp why they enjoy it. So many of us, including myself, are wanting to change the game and show others (men included) that makeup can be fun and you can have fun and be creative with it. That’s why I don’t do “no makeup makeup” or natural looking tutorials. I don’t wear them to begin with. I’m bold. My personality in general is very all or nothing, and I express that through makeup. That is my coping mechanism in so many ways, and how dare anyone try to put me down for that by throwing some bullshit misinformation into the mix. Also, I have a feeling if the people so bitter about makeup would sit down and play with lipstick they would chill out and at least try to understand. Makeup washes off, time to wash away your bad attitude. 

People are entitled to personal preferences, naturally. However, if you think that means you get to have a say so in someone’s appearance, you’re mistaken. Take me as I am, or don’t be a part of my life. Simple. I’m not the type of person that has ever taken kindly to others trying to tell me how to look.

Which is why I have such a huge problem with these “take her swimming on the first date” memes. First off, you’re obviously clueless as to how powerful setting sprays and waterproof makeup can be. Second, you’re making yourself look like a superficial douche canoe. Ah, it’s all about the inside, right? You’re a nice person and you don’t care what someone looks like, but makeup is trickery? We can all see through that transparent tomfoolery. If anyone’s trying to tell you how to look and covering that up with the notion that you’re “different” and “don’t need” something, walk away. I have seen so many times that this is an early red flag for possible abusive relationships. This goes for friends as well. I used to have a few friends that would tell me how I should look and act, and it was nonsense that I was friends with them looking back. No one should tell you how you should look. 

Seriously, the only time anyone needs to have an input on what you look like is if you have lipstick on your teeth or your skirt is tucked into your panties. Because both of those things happen to me and I hella wish someone would let a sister know.

I don’t always understand why people can’t grasp that they can have personal preferences for their own appearances without mocking others. It’s possible to stand out and empower others, no matter what your differences are. Just today I was scrolling and saw a woman with a beautiful side by side comparison. Her work was flawless, and the one thing people kept saying was “she’s pretty she doesn’t need makeup.”

Yeah, I get it. People think that’s a compliment, but it’s a back handed compliment. You don’t know that woman or why she’s wearing what. So, compliment her on her skills and application, or don’t comment at all. It’s truly not that hard.

I guess what I’m trying to say in a roundabout, long winded, rant way is, don’t be an asshole. Maybe you don’t even see how what you’re saying is condescending, so I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and let you know that there are better ways to say things.

I believe that everyone has to take a step back at times and think, “Is what I’m saying valuable to the conversation? Is this empowering? Is this a legitimate question?”

And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. I swear, someone would make a killing teaching an Internet Etiquette class. Who’s down?

Alright, I think that’s all I want to rant about for now. I know I don’t do rant posts of any sort often, and I don’t know if they’ll become a common thing unless you all actually enjoy them.

If you want, rant away to me in the comments. I love listening to people.

As always, thanks for reading if you did read this long winded rant, and I hope you’re all having wonderful days!

Products I Regret Purchasing: Part One


Hello beauties,
On this lovely Monday I would like to vent a bit. I feel that venting is appropriate for Mondays, right? It just seems like the universal day to grumble, and that’s alright. We all need to let it all out (don’t get too excited, I’m talking about words here) and just get the anger out of our systems.

I think it’s safe to say that most beauty and makeup enthusiasts have products that piss them off upon looking at them. It can’t just be me. I have products collecting dust in my vanity and every time I see them I feel so upset, mostly with myself for even buying them in the first place. TI buy these products on sale or because other bloggers and gurus raved about them so that obviously means I must have them as well. I actually have quite a few products of this nature, but I knew it would come with the territory of wanting to try out and review things. I’m constantly wanting to try new products and colors, and I know that in doing so I’m likely to come across a few duds.

Luckily, the great things I pick up truly do outweigh the shitty things I try. I will admit that many of the things that didn’t work out for me I didn’t look up reviews on them myself before buying. I’m a bit impulsive when it comes to beauty products (who would of guessed, right?).

Typical blogger disclaimer these are all personal thoughts and reviews of things that didn’t work out for me. I understand that one person’s trash is another’s treasure, but everyone is different and not everything works out for everyone. So don’t take it personally if something I mention is your holy grail 🙂

1. Essence Gel Eyeliner I bought this on recommendation from someone I follow on youtube. It was appealing because it was cheap. I just don’t enjoy the formula of this gel liner. It goes on patchy and weird for me, no matter how I attempt to put it on. It also fades super quick, and if I even thought about my eyes watering my cat wing would be ruined. Not cool. Momma likes a crisp wing. To be honest, I keep trying to make gel liners work and I don’t think they’re for me. I like liquid liners way too much.

2. Wet n Wild Max Volume Mascara I actually did a review on this product on my youtube channel, but seriously this product pisses me off every time I look at it. The pretty packaging pulled me in and I fell for it. The brush is awful, there’s nothing special about it. The bristles made it awkward to even try to coat all of my lashes, and all it really did was make my lashes black. It didn’t lengthen them or anything. If you have wimpy lashes like me, maybe skip on this one. I personally feel that the brush design is a total fail and a half.

3. Elf Studio Blush I have a major problem with these blushes. They look so pretty in the packaging, but they are not pigmented whatsoever. I don’t fully understand the hype. Yeah, they’re cheap, but it takes so much to get any color onto my cheeks that it’s not worth it. The mineral blush line by elf, which is $2 more, is incredible and these are just lacking, in my opinion. They lack pigmentation and fade after less than an hour on my cheeks, which is impressive considering I’m the literal shade of paper. I have about 4 of them because I kept thinking, “Well, maybe this one will be better,” but it never is. If you’ve also tried these blushes and you’re not impressed, try the mineral blushes. They’re awesome and actually last all day.

4. LA Colors Blush Oh look, another impulse buy. I found this at the dollar store one day and thought, “Why not?” Well, now I see why it’s at the dollar store. I wish there was at least one good thing I could say about this blush, but there isn’t. It’s going to be passed on to my toddler to play with. It’s not pigmented and it’s chalky feeling and terrible. It reminds me of the blush I had to use in middle in high school, and I’m really trying to avoid those memories *shudders at the memory of bright blue eyeshadow and glittery blush*

5. Wet n Wild Fergie Correcting Concealer This is a product that some will probably love, but it just didn’t work out for me. I also have a video reviewing this in greater detail, but it’s just way too thick. It reminds me of the hard candy “glamoflauge” concealer, and I can’t use that either. It gets too cakey under my eyes and settles into lines, even when I try to use it to spot conceal. It aged me about 5 years, and not in a good way. It made the skin under my eyes look cracked and wrinkly. My skin is just too dry for this kind of formula. Makes me a bit sad, I wanted it to work. If you have oilier skin than me, which is probably about everyone, this may work out well for you.

6. Physicians Formula Weird Moon Bronzer Thing I picked this up at CVS one day during their clearance sale for 75% off. It looked like a neat concept at the time, a matte color on one side and a shimmery gold shade on the other side. And I love moons! However, this is just an awkward design. I could never get my brush in there right and the gold side is not a very flattering color on pale skin, despite the claims that it was in a light shade. I have no beef with the formula or anything, just the design concept and color choices. It is very pretty though.

Okay, so there’s part one of this.
If you like posts like this, let me know!
Tell me about some of your regrets and disappointments. It’s okay, we can vent together.

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