Lime Crime Velvetine Matte Gloss

I was not asked to do this review. This is strictly a personal thing.

I’ve been drooling over the thought of owning this product for some time, and I finally got it! It was truly worth the wait!

I absolutely adore this gloss. It truly is a very matte color. I purchased the red velvet color. It has a cool blue undertone, so I think it will flatter any skin tone, especially my fellow pale sisters. This is definitely going to be my fall and winter staple color. It’s a color that you can build on if you want as well. Once the first coat has dried just apply another coat for a darker color!

This stuff is also life proof. I drank coffee, ate an egg sandwich, cleaned and did laundry and this stuff has not budged at all. I’m so happy with this purchase. I know it is a bit pricey (that’s why I waited so long to get it) but it is truly worth the price if you love red lipstick as much as I do.

Also, Lime Crime is cruelty free and uses vegan ingredients for their products 🙂 just thought I would throw that out there.ImageImage


Morning Motivational Thoughts

I try to write down one thing every morning in my journal to motivate me for the rest of the day. Sometimes they’re random thoughts, and sometimes they’re not motivational at all. However, they do help me relax in the morning.

Here are some that I wrote this week:

1. Sometimes mom are trying to tell you something, even if they don’t know it. If they can’t remember the name of someone they’ve met in your life and refer to them as “pajama pants” or a random name, maybe they shouldn’t be in your life. Moms tend to know best.

2. I’ve heard all of my life that it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. I never grasped this until I became an adult, but I still don’t fully grasp it. I’ve had my heart broken and people have walked out of my life, but I’ve never stopped loving something. I’ve never lost love fully. I don’t think it’s possible to never know what love feels like. Whether we love our children, significant others, or a slice of pizza, we love something to some degree at all times. I can’t speak on everyone’s behalf of course, but I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love pizza or a hug from a good friend.

3. I read that there are many wolves to wander away from their packs. Some search for a new pack, and some just run. I myself have wandered a few times just for the sake of running. I always find myself back in the warmth of my home pack though.

4. Sometimes you have to make the decision to anchor yourself no matter what. If that means your anchor scrapes the bottom of the ocean floor in order to find something to hold onto, so be it. Sometimes we have to cast anchor for a bit to collect ourselves so we can finally sail on.

5. It’s potentially crazy how often I think about randomly ridiculous things. I’ll pass a window and think to myself, “What if a mariachi band of cats randomly appeared?” As soon as I start to think it’s ridiculous I start to remember that many people don’t think enough. Maybe we need more of the right kinds of ridiculous in this world.

Meet Maryna

Maryna is our 1.5 year old Siberian Husky. We decided we wanted a dog after we found out I was pregnant two years ago. We loved the idea of raising a dog and a kid together, especially if we decided to not have any more kids for a bit. Most of the people that we told were against the idea saying we were “biting off more than we could chew.” Maybe we were, but it still didn’t stop us from looking around for a family dog.

Jeremy and I both love huskies. We had talked about raising one a few times. So, we started looking for a husky pup and we stumbled across Maryna that night. It was love at first sight for me. I contacted the lady through her email immediately to set up a time and date to go and get her.

We picked Maryna up on Valentine’s Day. It was the sweetest gift anyone has ever gotten me. The lady showed us around her place so we could make sure her environment was clean and such, and then finally took us to where our little puppy was. I looked in and saw Maryna and my heart fluttered. She was even more beautiful in person (fur, maybe?). I noticed that as soon as I picked her up she was sweet and even Harmony started to kick around in my belly. I knew this was the right decision despite what everyone else had told us.

We’ve endured some obstacles and troubles with Maryna. We used to live in an apartment , and at one point we talked about giving her up solely because we felt like she didn’t have enough room to play and be herself. However, an opportunity came along and we were able to move into a smaller place. It’s a tiny home, but it has a big backyard so both the baby and the dog are way happier.

Maryna is still the sweet dog she’s always been. She’s also Harmony’s best friend. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better companion or best friend. Jeremy works really early in the morning, and as soon as he’s gone, Maryna’s in the bed snuggling with me to keep me warm and happy.  Raising both her and Harmony together has been chaotic, but so rewarding. I love watching them play together. I love watching Harmony scream, “Dag! (Dog)” around the house as Maryna plays with her toys. They even nap together. Everyone should have a Maryna in their life. ImageImageImage

A Throwback Heartbreak

Have you ever stood in a crowd of people who supposedly have the same interests as you and still felt like an outsider?

Have you ever stood in the middle of one of world’s busiest and most beautiful cities and still felt so alone that you were cold?

I have. Most people find love in Paris. Whether they love the food, the people the scenery, many find something to love. When I think back to my days in Paris all I can remember is heartbreak. The irony in that is enough to make me gag, even three years later.

Due to that experience, I don’t know if I could even give the city another chance. I don’t know if I could face the lights surrounding me or bother to walk down to the subway. I don’t know if I could give the city another chance. It wasn’t even the city’s fault.

I’ll let the memories of Paris hover over my head like a bitter song for a bit, and then I will eventually let it go. Maybe one of these days I will think about it without wanting to scream into a bag.



This is Me

I’ve been letting the drafts pile up because I haven’t had a post say, “pick me first!” quite yet.

I think I want to make this post the first one on my new blog.

I’ve done a lot of thinking and reflecting on my life and choices the past few weeks. I haven’t slept very well for a few weeks now and it’s given me ample time to be productive and think. I mean truly think. I’ve been thinking about a few things to the point of being physically ill.

I can’t be the only one who thinks and analyzes to the point of being sick, right?

I’m not someone who makes hasty decisions very often. I’m like my father in the sense that we will sit and think about the gloom and doom of the future before it even strikes. We will go over every probable outcome of a situation and deem the most horrific one as the most possible. It’s not something that I find admirable, but it’s how I am and how I’ve always been.

Lately, I’ve started to see how never expecting things to be spectacular all the time can be a good quality. I’m able to let go of things quicker because I never had high expectations in the first place. I may get pissed off, but I typically move on to something else and burn that bridge down. When something does go better than I expected, it’s a pleasant surprise and I probably feel way happier about it than my more optimistic fellow humans.

I have a tendency to blame things on myself. Even if someone blatantly tells me that something is not my fault, I will still blame myself. Due to some recent events in my life, I am finally starting to realize that not everything is my fault. Sometimes people need to stay out of your life for damn good reasons. It was due to a hasty decision. It was due to me being completely out of my own element, and I’ve been beating myself up since then.

I was so pissed off. I was even hurt and a little heartbroken, and those are not feelings I am used to. I don’t always know how to cope with my emotions. I will avoid things like eating and sleeping and slip into masochistic habits just to distract myself from the real problems on my plate.

Then one morning I woke up. I didn’t know I had fallen asleep.

That was the moment I realized it wasn’t my fault. It was the moment I realized many things that have happened to me over the past 2 years are not my fault. It was that moment that I knew I needed to fix things with myself and others. I needed to keep the people around me that have always truly been there for me.

Have I started to become a bit more optimistic? Has the ice that has slowly been consuming my heart since I was 14 started to defrost a little? I don’t know. Part of me hopes so, but part of me knows that I will always be a pessimistic person.