Medusa’s Makeup Bag January 2017


Hello Beauties,

Another day, another unbagging. If you’ve been on my blog before, you’ll know that Medusa’s Makeup is the newest beauty subscription I started to try, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine!

Medusa’s makeup sends out 4 full sized products every month for $14.95. This brand is a vegan and cruelty free brand, and sells an amazing amount of varied products.

This month, I received two full sized eye products, a full sized lipgloss, and a cute little thing of beauty oil.

Spark Note (White glitter)– I have used this glitter constantly since I got it. You all know I love a glitzy and bold inner corner, and this is the perfect shade for me. It’s bold and it’s not too chunky so it adds the right amount of “ummph” to my smokey eyes. This is probably my favorite item this month by far, and I will likely run out of it.

Purple Rain (full sized eye pigment)– Ow, my heart has still not recovered from losing Prince. I love the name of this pigment, and the shade. Purple is probably the one color outside of neutrals I feel comfortable working with. I love how it looks against green eyes. In general I love the eye pigments from Medusa’s Makeup and I’m always happy to see them included in bags.

Space Kitten (gloss)– Okay, as much as I’m trying to use gloss more…I’m a little tired of getting them. I have several sitting around at this point and I’m looking at them like, “what do I do with you?” I might try the new eye trend and use it on my eyes though and see how that works. I just can’t stand the feeling of most glosses on my lips. I will wear one at some point and then go weeks without picking one up again.

Maracuja Oil– This looks like a tiny sample, but with oils that are 100% a very tiny bit is going to go a long way. I’m always happy to get beauty oils in my subscriptions bags. I have very dry skin so I use oils for about everything from skin care to blending out cream products on my face. I’m happy to add this one to my little stash.

That was everything in my bag from January. What are your thoughts on this subscription? I don’t have a referral link or anything, but if you’re interested in signing up, just go to It’s so easy, and they even accept paypal! I’m happy with this bag in general, and I always love getting full sized products that I know I will use.

If you have any vegan/cruelty free beauty subscriptions, send me some recommendations. I always love hearing from you all.

As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you decide to stay for awhile if you’re new to my blog.

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Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Subscription August 2016

medusa's makeup

Hey beauties,

Long time no chat. I’m back today with a relatively exciting new unbagging. I was on Instagram and I saw this neat little beauty subscription floating around from Medusa’s Makeup. Some brands (like elf) have brand specific beauty subscriptions, but I haven’t personally seen many. What really caught my eye was that this is a vegan and cruelty free brand! So, this was pretty new and exciting to me. I decided to give it a try and I subscribed last week.

This beauty subscription is monthly, and it’s $15.95 per month, shipping including in the US but there is a $4 charge for international subscribers. Each bag is promised to have 4-5 full sized products from Medusa’s Makeup, amounting to close to $40 (per their website).

I subscribed last Friday, and I received my August bag on Thursday, August 18. So, the turnaround time from subscribing to having your bag in your mail box is pretty quick, in my opinion.

Moving on to what was in my bag this month, I received 2 full sized lip products and 2 full sized eye products. My two favorite types of makeup products to play around with! I was already very impressed and excited from that alone. Another reason why I’m excited is because I haven’t tried too many things from this brand in particular. I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy and others for so long, I feel like I’m starting to get duplicates and things that I will never use and just get tossed aside. For me, full sized products are easier to see, and thus, easier to try and use.

Okay, let’s get into what came in the bag:

1. Lipstick in Baroque $12– I really love the packaging of these lipsticks! Even the box is adorable. This shade is a purple-y pink shade with a little bit of a sheen to it. I do like shades like this, so I’m excited to try this one out and the formula. I kinda miss my classic bullet type lipsticks after all the liquid lipstick hype.

2. Lipgloss in Lover Boy $9– I also really love the packaging of this gloss. I actually already have a gloss by Medusa’s Makeup from a past Lip Monthly bag, and I do remember liking the formula and I didn’t find it to be too sticky. This is a very bright pink, and we all know how I feel about pink. Not too sure how much use I will personally get out of this gloss, but it is a really nice product and shade.

3. Eye Dust in Brown Sugar $7– I love loose shadows and eye dusts! These are some of my favorite products to receive and play around with. This shade is a really deep and rich shade of brown, which will be perfect for Fall when warm and burgundy smokey eyes come back to grace the makeup scene.

4. Eye Glitter in Ozone $7– This is such a pretty shade of blue. Blue is a shade that normally scares me, but I’ve been trying to use it more, especially after seeing the many blue and glittery smokey eyes Risa Dexter does on Instagram. I love glitter, and I hope to get more from this brand in the future.

Overall value: $35

Definitely not a bad mix of products for a beauty subscription. The great thing about this subscription is that you can cancel at any time, there are absolutely no strings attached. So, if you see a month’s bag that you want and you only want that bag, you can subscribe and get it, and cancel and do it as you wish. I honestly think that’s awesome, and maybe that’s a perk to an actual brand running their own subscription. They don’t exactly rely solely on the amount of subscriptions there are, so people can pick and choose as they please.

I’m very happy with this subscription so far, and I will remain subscribed. So, if you want to see more reviews on this and my other subscriptions, make sure you follow me or sign up for emails. You can also follow me on other social media sites.

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all having wonderful days.

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April Ipsy Unbagging 2016 “Dreamers”

april ipso

Hello beauties,

It’s been a minute since I’ve done an Ipsy unbagging on here, so that’s what I’m doing today!

This month’s theme is “The Dreamers.” I’m not entirely sure why, but I rarely don’t question their motives for themes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ipsy, it’s a beauty subscription that arrives monthly to your mailbox for $10. On average, everyone gets 4-5 full sized or deluxe sample sized products. These can  be makeup, hair care, or skin care products. Usually, I get a little bit of everything each month! Personally, I enjoy receiving small samples of multiple products so I can try out over the course of a few months, and I’ve actually repurchased several full sized items after trying them thanks to Ipsy! I’ve been subscribed to them for over 2 years now.

Anyway, this month I think I scored some nice things! So, let’s get right on into what was in my cute little tie dye-esque bag this month:

  1. Tarte’s LipSurgence Creme in Wonder– I’ve actually never tried too many Tarte lip products before, but I love getting Tarte products in my bag! I have swatched this, and it’s very creamy and has a pretty red tone to it. I’m normally not one to wear more sheer and glossy lip products, but I think this one would be nice to have in my bag in the Summer time if I need something to put on quickly that’s not going to feel dry.
  2. Probelle nail polish in In or Out-Most of the time I dislike every shade ever sent to me in terms of nail polish, I’m picky, and I’m not very colorful and I usually get pinks and blues. However, I enjoy purples, and this is a very cute purple shade. I’ve tried this brand in the past when I was subscribed to Beauty Box 5, and it’s actually a decent nail polish.
  3. Nomad Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Desert Sands– I love receiving eyeshadow normally, but I don’t wear gold shadows very often. I’m so pale that I feel gold can quickly overwhelm my face. This shade is nice though and seems like a great quality shade. The little package is cute and even has a teeny tiny mirror. This might be a product I pass on to a friend, however. Nothing against the brand, it’s just not my type of shade.
  4. MorrocainOil Treatment– I love getting oil samples in my subscription bags! I have a mini stash of them, and I cherish them. Oils can be pretty pricey, but they do have multiple functions. I use them on my face, in my hair, and I even blend my liquid products out with them at times. If you have dry skin, oils are going to be your best friend. I have heard that using oil can help those with oily skin as well, but I have never had oily skin a day in my life so I can’t attest to that. This little precious oil sample is going in my stash though.
  5. Luxie Beauty Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlight Brush– I was so ecstatic to see this in my bag! I love Luxie brushes, and I have received several thanks to Ipsy now. I think the blue handle on this is so cute, and it’s so soft! I may post about it on Snapchat soon, so if you’re not following me there and want to, make sure to add me! Not gonna lie, I have a thing for highlighter brushes. I have about 5 now and I use all of them for different highlighters. Don’t judge me. I can feel you judging me.
  6. Too Faced Waterproof Better than Sex Mascara-This was a point perk I redeemed last month and I’m just now getting this month. This is a full sized product, and it’s brand new to Too Faced! I love the Better than Sex mascara, and with Summer coming up I wanted to try a waterproof mascara. I have wimpy natural lashes, and the original Better than Sex is the only one that gives me volume and length. I’m pretty excited to try this one, and more than likely I’ll be doing a video on it!

That’s everything I got this month! Overall, I’m really happy with most of the products I received. Just a friendly tip for anyone subscribed to Ipsy, always review your products at the end of the month. It’s helped me substantially and I have been happy with most of the products in my bags the past 5-6 months.

If you’re subscribed to Ipsy, let me know in the comments what you got! I would love to chat!

If you’re not subscribed and you want to be, I do have a referral link:

As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’re all having wonderful days! I have a ton of palette reviews coming up, so if you’re new to my page, sign up for emails or follow me here to see more reviews and stuff!

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Ipsy August 2015: Prep School


Hey beauties,

It’s the middle of the month again, which means my Ipsy glam bag and other beauty subscriptions will be popping into my mailbox. Today, I’m going to be talking about what I got in my Ipsy bag for August. The theme for this month is “prep school” and I’m guessing the general theme was “back to the basics” so many people received brushes, liners, glosses, etc. Things that are simple, yet glamorous for the school year. I will admit that getting school related things makes me feel anxious and brings back horrible memories of tests, but that’s another topic for another day.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ipsy, they’re a beauty subscription that costs $10 per month that sends out 4-5 deluxe samples or full sized items based on your beauty profile. They typically have a pretty great variety of products that are sent out. I will link my referral code at the end of the post, but please don’t feel pressured to use it. I just leave it there in case anyone wants to sign up and give me some points in the process.

This month, I actually received a lot of full sized items, which is always exciting!

august ipsy

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil Treatment: This is a deluxe sample size, but in terms of hair oils, there’s a lot in this sample. I was really happy to see this in my bag because I use an oil of some sort in my hair everyday. I have naturally curly and frizzy hair, so oils are a bit essential to my hair care routine.

Pencil Me In Cosmetics Liner in “Boysenberry” This is a full sized liner, and it’s more of a bluish-purple color…or a blurple type of shade. Eh, I swatched this already and while the color is pretty, it didn’t swatch too smoothly. I don’t tend to wear many blue shades on my eyes because I feel it looks weird with my eye color. I might end up passing this on to someone.

Hikari lip gloss in “Salsa” I have received quite a few Hikari items in the past, and I do enjoy their brand as a whole! This lip gloss is a very pretty shade of red, and we all know how I am about my reds. This is another full sized product, and I can’t wait to try it out!

Skone Cosmetics Liner in “Wine” This is the first time I’ve ever gotten anything from this brand! This is another full sized item. At first, I wasn’t thrilled because I have a lot of wine shades in my lip liner collection already, but then I saw this one doubles as an eye liner as well! I’ve actually been wanting a wine shade of liner because I don’t personally feel comfortable putting things designated for the lips near my eyes. It’s just a personal preference. Okay, it’s actually because the last time I put something lip related near my eye I freaked out all day and was convinced I was going to get an infection of some sort #dontjudgeme Anyway, I’m excited about this product and I can’t wait to include it in a few fall looks!

Marsk Pro Line Shadow Brush I know that some find getting brushes to be annoying, but I love it! I am constantly getting brushes dirty because I wear so many different colors, so having more is always a necessity. That and I have discovered some awesome brush lines through Ipsy, including Luxie brushes. From what I felt, this brush is dense and will be ideal for packing on shadow onto the lid.

Well, that is everything that I got in my Ipsy bag this month! What did you get? Chat with me in the comment section if you want!

Have a good day, lovelies.

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Target Beauty Box Unboxing

target beauty box

Hey lovelies,

It’s Saturday! Anyone have any awesome plans for the weekend? Personally, I’ll probably be relaxing (when I can) and catching up on some reading. I might add a glass (or 2) of wine here and there. I know that usually on Saturdays I do swatches, but today I’m going to do an unboxing because I have several subscription posts coming up soon, so I might as well add this one into the mix!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Target beauty box, it’s a beauty box that has no strings attached to it, and they are typically between $5-7 with free shipping. If you have a Target debit card, you can get an extra 5% off! These beauty boxes always sell out super quickly. Seriously, if you see a blogger announce that there is a new one live on, don’t hesitate. Put it in your cart and buy it.

I have never been disappointed in any of these boxes. They are typically higher value, and this one was no different. The overall value of this box is $35, and I only paid $7 for it, shipping and all.


This is what I received in my box, and I am so excited! Some of these things are new on the market, and some are already staples in my beauty routine. So, if you’re interested in what I got and my thoughts, just keep reading.

target beauty box

Clairol Hair Food Moisturizing Mask $11.99 This is a full sized item! I rarely get full sized hair products in any beauty subscription, so I was really happy about this one! I actually just ran out of my usual deep conditioner, so now I have a new one to try. I did smell this one already, and it smells heavenly! I use hair masks quite often because I have color treated hair, so I’m already itching to try this one out.

target beauty box

Fekkai Pre-Soleil Hair Radiance Spray: Another hair sample, but I’m fine with it. I actually love Fekkai hair products, and they’re a wee bit pricey, so I really enjoy the deluxe sample sized things Target sends out in their beauty boxes. This is a spray that is supposed to be used before you go out into the sun to help protect it and give it shine. This product does seem to have a bit of oil and shine in it, so if you have fine hair, you might want to put this in your hands rather than just spraying it on.

Olay Active Botanicals Day Lotion and Toner: Normally, I don’t enjoy tiny skin care related samples. However, this line from Olay is brand new, and it’s intrigued me. Both these samples have snow mushroom in them, which is supposed to draw out impurities in the skin. I’m curious to see if these will be awesome, and I may look into buying the full size of the moisturizer if it works on my dry skin.


Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara: This is another full sized item, and one that I already use very often! I love this mascara. The wand is very thin and reminiscent of the Benefit Roller lash mascara, and this formula actually lengthens and volumizes my poor wimpy lashes.

Crest 3D white 1 hour express whitening strip: This is another thing that is a staple in my routine. Well, about twice a year. If you haven’t noticed, I am am an avid coffee enthusiast (a better way of saying caffeine addict) and coffee is delicious and stains the teeth. So, I do turn to whitening strips every now and then to take away the stains. I have not tried the one hour express strips though, and I am excited to see if these truly do whiten teeth in an hour.

Overall, I’m ecstatic about this beauty box and I cant wait to start trying things out. If there’s anything that you would like to see a separate review on, please let me know! Usually, when I try things out in these subscriptions I will mention my favorite ones in my monthly favorites videos on Youtube.

Did any of you pick up the Target beauty box this time? What are your thoughts? Chat with me in the comments about it, or about anything!

Have a good day, lovelies.

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Lip Monthly April 2015

lip monthly

Hey beauties!

Today I’m back with another unbagging and review! Anyone else have a really odd love for beauty subscriptions? Or just monthly subscriptions in general? I really want to add a coffee service and possibly petit vour (they send only cruelty free and vegan beauty products every month) but we shall see. My boyfriend might oppose 😉

Anyway, if you’re new here *waves frantically* Lip Monthly is a beauty subscription that is $10 a month and sends out 4-5 (lately 4) products that are mostly lipsticks or glosses. So, a lipstick addict’s dream! I’ve been subscribed to them for about 5 months now, and for the most part I like it. Some things that I receive don’t exactly make sense or flatter my skin tone at all, and that’s one of my biggest beefs with this subscription. Everyone receives the same bag. Same products and colors…I don’t understand that, but it is what it is I guess.


This month I got 4 full sized products! The bag is valued at $37.99 which is pretty good considering I only paid $10 for it.


1. Cargo Gloss in “Anguilla” $16 This is in a travel sized tube, but it says there’s the same amount of product as a full sized product. This is a really pretty nude-pink gloss for those that like nude pink glosses. They’re not really my style, but I will try it because it may surprise me. I said the same thing about the butter glosses and now I can’t get enough of those…


2. City Colour Be Matte Lipstick “cammi” $4.99 I’ve actually been wanting to try the lipsticks from this line for awhile now! This color is one that I like as well, so win! It’s a very pretty dark purple shade. We all know how much I love my dark vampy colors…all year round.


3. LA Girl Lipstick “Last Night” $4 I own 3 shades from this line already, and I really like the formula! Very pigmented and creamy. With any creamy lipstick, they kinda get on my teeth, but I’m super expressive and I’m aware of it. This color is a bright ass pink, but it’s dark so it’s not as intimidating to me. I may try to pair it with the pink gloss to tone the shade down a bit. Yes, I’m odd, I don’t think twice about wearing green and blue lip colors, but pink scares me.


4. Ofra Eyebrow Pencil “Universal” $13 Okay, so don’t ask me how an eyebrow pencil is supposed to be a universal shade because I actually have no idea, but here we are. I’ve been reaching for this pencil everyday since I got it though! I do have to go over it with a black tinted brow mascara, but my hair is black and I like my brows to be dark as well. I’ve never used brow pencils regularly, so this is new territory. I’m more of a wax/pomade kind of gal. However, this pencil is really creamy and easy to work with. So far, I’m highly impressed with it.

Overall, I’m happy with this month’s bag. I go back and forth with this subscription constantly, I know. I quite possibly have a problem.

If anyone’s interested, I do have a code to get your first bag for $5 + 100 free shop points and it’s 1ST5

This is my affiliate link (you don’t have to use it, only if you want to!)

If there’s anything you would want to see separate reviews or lip swatches of, let me know!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading, and if you’re new here I hope you decide to stay a bit!

Lip Monthly Review

For anyone interested, this is my very first video about my Lip Monthly bag for the month.
Please subscribe to me, and if you have a beauty channel let me know and I will for sure take a look at yours as well ❤

This is a huge step for me, and I know my video isn't the best. I'm going to pretend that most vloggers don't have great first videos haha.