Shaaanxo Palette Tutorial

Hey beauties,

Remember this look that I posted in my Shaaanxo palette review? Well, I decided to film a tutorial on it!

Blue brownish shades are ones that seem to be very loved among many, so I wanted to do a different take on it. With the pop of color on the lower lash line and with blue brown lips.

You can also see this palette in action in the video.

All products and brushes are listed down in the description box underneath the video. I hope you all enjoy this look as much as I did creating it!

As always, thanks for stopping by. I hope that if you’re new to my blog you will consider sticking around or subscribing to my channel.

I hope you’re all having lovely days.

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BH Cosmetics and Shaaanxo Palette

shaaanxo palette

Hey lovelies,

Today I have a palette review! I feel like I haven’t done one of these in awhile, but I still have a ton of palettes to review for you all. I wanted to start with the Shaaanxo and BH Cosmetics palette because it’s very new, and youtuber collar palettes are some of my favorite to review in general.

Why? I like seeing the thought process that goes into the palettes themselves, honestly. A lot of times youtubers will create a color scheme that closely matches their own style while trying to make it friendly for everyone to use, and I know that must be tough to do in general. That and I love supporting other bloggers and youtubers, but that’s no secret.

I actually love Shannon from Shaaanxo. Her style is the actual opposite of mine, but I love her lipstick reviews and swatches. That and she’s one of the few youtubers with a couple million followers that is consistently putting up content on a schedule. I look up to her persistence and work ethics as a whole. I feel she genuinely loves what she’s doing, and that’s admirable in itself.

Okay, so moving on to the actual palette, this is from BH Cosmetics. BH Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand that focuses on creating affordable products for makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike. I’m very familiar with their brand and their eyeshadows, and I will have other reviews linked at the end of this post.

Price of this palette: Currently $14.50, but sometimes they will lower in price after a few weeks down to $12.

What’s in this palette: 9 eyeshadows and 9 shades of lipstick

What this palette claims: Allergy tested, paraben free, non irritating, hydrating lip colors, pigmented shadows

What the inside looks like: 

This is a dual sided palette, meaning on one side there’s shadows, and if you flip it over, there’s the lipsticks. The packaging itself is very simple and pretty, it’s very feminine, and that in itself just says Shannon to me. The material of this palette is a tough cardboard, much like the Carli Bybel one. This palette is a bit smaller and thicker, which is actually nice because I personally don’t like having a ton of bulky palettes.

Right off the bat, you can probably see the shadows are very neutral. Remember when I said I was going to try and buy less neutral palettes? Forgive me, I can’t help myself. Now, I will admit that at first I didn’t know how I felt about the lipstick side. I personally don’t enjoy lipstick palettes. I have so many lipsticks that I don’t find myself reaching for that side often.

However, I feel this palette would be amazing for someone that wants to get into lipstick, but doesn’t want to drop a ton of money on separate tubes. One of the cool things about lipstick palettes is you can mix shades on the back of your hand. If you’re weary of lipsticks in general, or you’re wanting to play around with natural and bold shades, I think you might enjoy the lipstick side of this palette more than myself.

With that being said, I do enjoy the variety of shades in this. I feel there’s a shade for about everyone, including those of us with darker makeup souls.

shaaanxo palette

These are all 9 shades of lipstick swatched. As you can see, these are all a bit on the glossier side. That’s another reason why I don’t foresee myself reaching for this side often. I do not personally like glossier formulas. I am a matte type of gal. I do think these are very pretty shades and relatively pigmented.

I’ve seen a lot of people say the shadows are very similar to the oh so popular Manny Mua and Makeup Geek Palette. I have that one too, and while they have similarities, they are very different. If you are wanting a blue brown shade like Insomnia, the Shaaanxo palette has that duo chrome loveliness. I do find that the Shaaanxo palette might be more suitable for beginners and those looking for an everyday palette. While I love the Manny Mua palette, I don’t think the vast majority of people wear red shadow too often.

Another thing I love about the Shaaanxo palette is that there is an almost black shade included in the palette. I love when bloggers think to include a shade like this because it can take any look from daytime to nighttime in  just a few brush movements.

shaaanxo palette

These swatches were done over no primer and under daylight bulbs. 

I really didn’t have to work very hard to get these swatches. The shades are very pigmented and felt smooth to the touch! I honestly love the matte shades in this palette. They are very “me” shades for Spring and Summer.

I have used this palette on my eyes several times, and I am highly impressed with the overall quality.

With this look I used quite a few shades from the palette. I used the matte cream shade, both brown matte shades in the crease, the champagne shade on the lid, the blackish gray on the outer corner, and the blue brown on the lower lash line. I really love how this turned out! The shades were easy to work with. I was able to wet my brush and get a more reflective look with the champagne shade as well.

Overall, I do recommend checking the palette out and possibly adding it to your BH Cosmetics cart in the future. I think it’s a cute and fun everyday palette to have in your collection. I think Shannon did a lovely job with this collaboration. Even though I’m not a total fan of the lipstick side, I still think the eyeshadow side is worth it for me.

If you have this palette, what are your thoughts on it? I would love to know! If you don’t have it, will you be adding it to your wishlist?

As always, thanks for stopping by, and if you’re new to my blog I hope you decide to stick around for a bit.

I hope you’re all having wonderful days.

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BH Cosmetics Pride + Prejudice + Zombies Palette

pride prejudice zombies palette bh cosmetics

Hey lovelies,

Ready for some swatches and a review? I picked this palette up awhile back. I am such a sucker for cute packaging…and zombies. This BH Cosmetics palette came out close to the release of Pride + Prejudice + Zombies in theaters. Has anyone seen that movie yet? Is it worth going to see? It looks awesome, but I haven’t had much time for movies lately.

Anyway, the packaging of this palette is so badass, but it also has a badass price point. I ordered this for $12.50 off their site when it was first released, and I also used ebates! You can actually get 7.5% cash back from BH Cosmetics through ebates, and if you’re unfamiliar with the site, it’s just a site that gives you a percentage of cash back from a ton of online sites when you shop through them! I’ll leave my referral link at the end of the post, as well as a link to the actual palette (not affiliate).

When you open the palette, magic happens.

bh cosmetics palette

This palette comes with 10 shadows and 3 cheek products. Right off the bat, I love how unique the shade layout is compared to almost every other eyeshadow palette I own. It’s rare that I see purples, silvers, and burgundies in one palette! However, the theme of this palette is zombies, so I’m sure they wanted to create a palette where everyone can create that #deadgirlglam kinda look.

Sometimes BH Cosmetics shadows can be hit or miss for me, but when I swatched this palette I was really impressed with the quality!

BH cosmetics eyeshadow

These are all the eyeshadow shades swatched over a primer. The only shade that didn’t show up well was the matte cream shade, because it was the same shade as my skin. Other than that, every shade swatched smoothly, especially the shimmer shades!

bh cosmetics

These are the 3 cheek shades, and they swatched very nicely as well! The highlighter shade is probably not going to work if you have fair skin, but it looks like it would make a really pretty eyeshadow! I love the blush shades though. I think they did a great job at picking one shade that will work on lighter/medium skin tones and one that is intense enough to work on deeper skin tones.


Very affordable

Cruelty free, and vegan friendly

A grungy style palette with shimmer that is affordable to everyone, including those that might want to try darker looks, but are afraid of spending too much on something else

Beautiful packaging that will look awesome in your collection forever

Packaging is also travel friendly in several ways. The packaging will make it easy to travel, and there are cheek shades in it, so you won’t have to bring as many products! Neat!

Very pigmented

Blendable, but not too much so. One of my biggest pet peeves with shadows can be when you go to blend them and they all muddy up, no matter how light of a hand you’re using. I haven’t had that issue with this palette.

Gorgeous shimmer shades and burgundies. This is a pro to me, we should all know why by now. I want to see more burgundies in affordable palettes.

Almost matte black. This is crucial to me with palettes like this, because it can add so much dimension to a look. I don’t always understand why companies put super sparkly blacks in smokier palettes.


Not a ton of mattes. There’s one “transition” type of shade, but I feel this palette is missing a cooler toned mid tone brown to also use as a transition. I don’t personally like using a warm brown transition shade with purples, so I do have to reach for something else if I want to use the silver and purples.

A bit powdery. It’s not enough to be annoying to me, but some product does kick up when you dip your brush into it. Just make sure to tap your brush before applying product to your eye.

Highlighter shade does not work well for fair skin tones. However, this shade will probably look stunning on medium and deeper skin tones! So, it’s not a full con, but it is for me.

The silver shade has an overspray. This shade was the only one that made my heart a bit sad. I swatched it and watched the metallic look disappear. However, that’s the only shade like that, so it’s not the end of the world.


So, would I recommend this palette to others? Definitely. If you love unique packaging and shade layouts, I feel this palette might be for you. I also love that it’s not going to break the bank, and that it’s vegan and paraben free. I’ve been so impressed with most of my picks from BH Cosmetics lately!

If you’re wanting to check this palette out for yourself, just click here.

If you’re wanting to save money while buying makeup, here’s my ebates referral link.

Oh, and I did use a few of the shades from this palette in my last Youtube tutorial! I used the shimmery lavender shade over a deeper purple, and the result was stunning!

What are your thoughts on this palette? Will you be picking it up? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section! I love to hear from you all.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and checking out this review. I hope you all found it helpful or entertaining in some manner. I hope you’re all having wonderful days!

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Carli Bybel & BH Cosmetics Palette: Review + Swatches

carli bybel palette

Okay, is it just me, or are Youtubers the new celebrities? Maybe I just follow too many beauty accounts, but it seems like every big Youtuber is coming out with their own palettes with different brands. I’m not complaining, but my wallet is screaming at me. It’s practically begging me to stop at this point.

I know that some people are iffy with youtuber collabs, but I quite like them. I think it’s awesome to see someone’s hard work pay off. I also like beauty blogger collabs because I feel that many truly want to create an awesome product/shade, because many review products regularly and have a decent grasp on what makes an awesome makeup product.

Today, I’m going to be talking about the new BH Cosmetics and Carli Bybel collab palette. This palette nearly broke the internet. Carli has over 2 million followers, and this palette was $12.50 when it released. You read that right. I couldn’t believe it myself at first. I think that’s why I was really excited about this palette. It’s one that everyone can afford, from a brand that’s cruelty free and has high quality products. I love BH Cosmetics, and I love Carli’s channel, so this was a match made in palette heaven. Carli was one of the first youtubers I ever subscribed to. I don’t have the same style as her, but her charisma and cute personality always kept me watching her videos.

carli bybel palette

Anyway, I did wake up at 3 am the day this released to buy it. I had no troubles checking out, but a few hours later when everyone else started waking up the website almost crashed and was really slow. I will say that I don’t think BH Cosmetics has ever ran out of a blogger collab palette. They always try to keep a good stock.

Update: These palettes are currently sold out on the BH Cosmetics website, so if you want one, make sure to sign up for an email notification!

This palette comes with 12 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters.

carli bybel palette

That’s right, for $12 and some change, you can get 12 shadows and 4 highlighters. To me, that is unbelievable. Also, can we talk about the packaging for a second? I don’t think I own any white palettes. I guess most would think they would get dirty, but this isn’t a matte finish packaging, so it will be easy to wipe anything off. I find this packaging to be very sleek and gorgeously chic. I just want to display it somewhere in my house.


The shades in this are very Fall-esque to me. It’s very neutral, so it’ll be something everyone can use, and there’s some mauve and plum toned shades in it. I honestly think this is a palette that people of so many skin tones can use. These are very flattering shades on so many people, and in that sense, Carli nailed this. I love youtuber collabs, but sometimes I feel some don’t always choose shades or concepts that will appease many of their followers, which is okay that’s their choice, but it’s a bummer to those of us that do like supporting other bloggers.


carli bybel palette


carli bybel palette


First impressions: The shadows are really pigmented, especially the shimmer shadows! I did have a bit of product kick up in the pan with a few of the matte shades, but it wasn’t anything too intense, and it didn’t cause fall out on my face. The shimmer shadows in this palette are to die for though. These are the kinds of light champagnes and pink shimmers that I live for in terms of eyeshadow. They’re just really flattering and easy to use on many skin tones.

I did notice that the shadow can get on the pretty white parts on the pallete, but thanks to the material of the pallete it was easy for me to wipe away. Maybe this is why most eyeshadow palettes aren’t white. I’m a bit rough with them, as are many others.

As for the highlighters, these are so stinkin’ pretty. I almost gasped when I swatched the pink shade, because it’s so perfect for my skin tone. The last two highlighters I will probably not be able to use often since they’re so dark, but I can use them as eyeshadows. The second highlighter is an intense champagne shade, which might be too much for my pale skin, but it could probably be used as a blush topper if it is too dark to use as solely a highlighter.

I have used the pink highlighter, and it’s really gorgeous on the skin. It wasn’t too chalky or powdery, in my opinion, and even my boyfriend noted that my highlight was “on fleek” that day. Ha!

Overall thoughts so far: I am really loving this palette.I’m wanting to play around with it more and film a tutorial using it, so if you have any suggestions, throw them my way! I think that for the price you’re getting a lot from this palette, even if you can’t use every shade like myself. Even with the shades that I probably won’t use, I feel like I am getting well beyond my money’s worth with this palette based on the quality of the shades I will use and love often, and the packaging.

What are your thoughts on this palette if you have it? If you don’t have it, will you be ordering it? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s swatch saturday post! I always love reviewing and swatching new palettes.

Have a good weekend, lovelies.

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Face of the Day: Mauve

naked 3

Today’s “Face of the Day” features a few oldies and some newbies.

I love my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, but I find that I rarely pull it out for whatever reason. I’m trying to use it more, so I decided to do a mauve themed look.

naked 3

For my base I used the new BH Cosmetics HD Studio Pro foundation (review will be coming up soon once I test it out more) and I used the Too Faced HangoveRX primer just to hydrate my face a bit. I actually did powder my face a bit with the Laura Geller balance and brightening powder in “porcelain”

Contour is the darker shade from the “dulce de leche” Wet n Wild contour palette. This contour shade is awesome for pale skin tones, and it’s totally worth the $4 even though I can’t really use the highlighting side.

Blush is “Cameo” by Hikari Cosmetics, which is just a really pretty light pink shade. It’s also matte! I was so impressed by the shade “Tango” that I got from Hikari in my Ipsy bag, that I ended up taking advantage of their coupon code last month and ordered another blush. They’re really buttery and pigmented, and there’s a lot of product in the pan.

Highlight is “Spoon” by Colourpop Cosmetics, and I just did a full review with swatches on the 3 I ordered. Spoon is a lovely champagne shade, which is what I gravitate towards on a daily basis.


My brows are Nyx Tame and Frame in “espresso” which might be a bit too light now that my hair is freshly dyed black, but oh well.

For my eyes I used “Tease” by Urban Decay as my transition shade, and then packed “Nooner” from the Naked 3 into my crease. I then took “Swan” by Colour pop and put that all over my lid, and then put “Liar” from the Naked 3 on the outer corner of my eye.

Liner is Physicians Formula eye booster in “Ultra black” and lashes are Kiss #11

Lower lash line is “Tease” and “Nooner” blended out with Rimmel Scandal eyes in “Nude” on my water line. Mascara is Covergirl Supersizer (also new to drugstores) “Strange” from the Naked 3 is on my brow bone, and “Swan” is my inner corner highlight.


My lips are lined with “Lumiere” by Colourpop, with “Lala” by Nyx cosmetics over top. LaLa is like Thalia’s darker sister. A bit more brown toned, but still so so gorgeous. If you haven’t ever tried Nyx round case lipsticks, do it. They’re some of my favorite lipsticks in my collection, and that’s even over many of my higher end lipsticks.


That’s it for today’s Face of the Day post, I really hope you all enjoyed this mauve themed look!

As always, thanks for reading, and if this is your first time stopping by my blog, I hope you decide to follow me and stay awhile!

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Grungy Spring Tutorial



Late night bonus post! Yay!

Yesterday, I uploaded a new video to my channel. It’s a collab (her video and channel is linked under mine). We wanted to do something fun and Spring themed, yet still grungy. Not everyone is into pink and bronzers, myself included most of the time.

I hope you all enjoy, and make sure to subscribe if you liked it, and link me to your channels if you want.

Favorites Friday

Hello beauties,

It’s Friday again! Anyone have any wild and exciting plans for the weekend? I don’t. I’ll probably spend the weekend cleaning and playing outside with the kids. It has felt so amazing outside the past couple of days here!

So, that means prepare for quite a few makeup pictures taken outside instead of inside 😉

I have more lifestyle photos to share this week than beauty related, because it’s honestly been a pretty laid back week for me. I’ve been playing around with colors and showing some of my older palettes and products some love.


1. I can’t go too long without sharing a photo or 10 of Piper. Look at how precious she is! People tend to assume she’s bald, but she’s actually getting quite a bit of hair…and it’s white! Piper has been so adventurous lately and wants to crawl and climb and cause mischief wherever she plops her baby butt. I can’t believe that in June my little Moon Piper will be 1. I don’t want to believe it.


2. Jewelry- Bella Morta Jewelry was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I bought 3 pairs of earrings. Two are custom Deftones (one of my all time favorite bands) and a pair of Ouija Moon earrings. These earrings make the Moon Child in me sing. I want to order some custom wolf pieces soon. I’ve been on a real jewelry kick lately, can you tell? I love finding cute independently owned shops, because I know how much love so many of them put into their work. It makes me feel empowered to wear it knowing they worked hard on it.

bh cosmetics galaxy chic

3. Palette of the week- BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic. I’ve seen this palette pop up into different blogs over the past few weeks, so I decided to take mine out and show it some love. I can’t believe I haven’t played with this palette much in the past. It’s so gorgeous. The colors are beautifully pigmented, but if you own this wet your brush a bit a put “cosmic” on your lids. You’ll thank me later.


4. On my lips- Stila “Patina.” This shade is talked about almost as much as Kat Von D’s “Lolita” it seems. Stila was having a 25% off Spring sale with free shipping #hellyeah, so I ordered this because I have been wanting it for MONTHS now. It’s such a gorgeous dusty rose shade, and the formula is incredible.


5. Sister moment- moments like this melt my heart. Having two kids under 3 years old can be so tough sometimes, but at the same time so rewarding. Harmony and Piper adore each other most of the time and love playing together. Lately, Harmony seems to be determined to help Piper walk. I’m hoping that she’s unsuccessful because Piper is mischievous enough, ha!

Those were some of my favorite things and moments of the week! What were some of yours? I would love to hear about them!

As always, thanks for reading and if this is your first time on my blog I hope you decide to stick around for a bit!

BH Cosmetics Dark Rose Palette


This was actually a cyber Monday treat that just arrived in the mail today. BH Cosmetics was having a sale where this palette was $8.95 + I found a 10% off code and I got back 15% through ebates. This is a limited edition palette, so when I was able to get it for that price I was very happy! I love BH Cosmetics to begin with, and everything about this palette is so alluring to me. The colors and the packaging…it looked perfect.


Shipping was a bit delayed for BH Cosmetics, but they did say on the website before ordering that shipping could be delayed, and that was fine. However, when this came in the mail I seriously opened it up before anything else and immediately started admiring it and playing around with it. The inside is so beautiful! This palette is pretty big, and there’s a pretty decent amount of product in it. There are 12 eyeshadow colors, 3 blushes, and 1 liquid eyeliner that come in this set. I was excited that this came with a liquid felt tip liner instead of a pencil. I tend to just throw pencils away or gift them. I’m a liquid/gel liner kind of gal.


These are swatches of all 12 eyeshadows. The glittery ones aren’t as pigmented, but for the most part they are all very smooth and pigmented! Very impressed with the quality of these shadows. I’ve had my eye on this palette since it came out, but didn’t buy it in fear that the colors might have been too random. However, once I saw the review that Dani from CoffeebreakwithDani did and the look she created I was sold, and from there I knew that it would go on sale. EVERYTHING on BH Cosmetics eventually goes on sale for 50% off or more…just wait. That’s my friendly brand tip of the day.

Anyway, once I started playing around with these colors on my eyes (one look for one eye and another on the other eye, duh) I realized all of these colors truly do compliment each other, strangely enough. I absolutely love the brown shades and plum shades in this palette.


These are the swatches of the 3 blushes that come in the palette. I love that there are both warm and cool options in terms of blushes. I wear cool toned blushes myself most days, so the third mauve type color will probably be the one that gets the most usage from me!

This is a look I created using the palette. The only color I didn’t use from the palette was the tranisition shade which was “creme brulee” by makeup geek. That’s my only con to this palette…there’s not a true transition shade unless you lightly use one of the matte shades as one. Anyway, I used the shimmery champagne shade all over the lid and on my brow bone as a highlight, the darker matte brown in the crease well blended and the shimmery dark brown shade in the outer v blended into the crease as well. I used the matte purple shade on the bottom lash line as a “pop” of color to the look. I have the matte mauve shade on my cheeks (it’s not very pigmented) and I used the liquid eyeliner to create a cat wing. It was very easy to use, surprisingly. Overall, I’m very happy with this palette and can’t wait to play around with it some more 😀

Let’s Talk about Amazing and Affordable Face Products


Personally, when I watch videos and read blogs by my favorite beauty bloggers I catch myself day dreaming about high end products. I can’t be the only one. The products that I want to try out, but sadly can’t afford right now thanks to life and kids. Not that it upsets me at all. I love my life and kids with all of my being.
I do know that I am not the only one that is constantly looking for amazing and affordable makeup products though. Too many times I catch myself thinking that if I had more higher end products my makeup would look flawless, but then I remember that it’s truly about finding what’s right for you and how you apply it.
So, I want to do a few blogs about amazing and totally affordable makeup products, starting with some of my favorite everyday face products. Of course, these are just what works for me and my face, but I hope that everyone that reads this either finds a new awesome product to try out or that they take away a few tips on finding these products for even cheaper than they already are.
I will also include a separate picture of swatches for the blush, highlighter, and bronzer at the end of the post.

Wet n Wild blush in “Pearlescent Pink” – Holy grail blush. I use this blush almost everyday. That’s why the packaging looks kind of dirty. It’s the perfect shade of pink for me and has the slightest hint of shimmer. It’s so beautiful, and a shade that would work on many skin tones. These retail alone at around $3 most retail stores, which is incredible by itself, but I find these on sale so often at CVS and Walgreens. Wet n Wild also releases coupons in the newspaper often, so if you’re a coupon clipper (raises hand!) keep an eye out for them. I have scored so many free Wet n Wild products stacking sales with coupons.

LA Girl Pro Concealer
– if you follow many youtubers and bloggers, chances are you have heard others raving about this very product. It’s so amazing and I just got it myself a few months back. I have horrible dark circles due to being extremely pale and having allergies, and this concealer covers my under eye circles and doesn’t look caked on. I use the lightest shade, obviously. This concealer retails for $5 on the la girls website, but I found mine for way cheaper on ebay. I got 3 tubes for $7.
Quick Ebay tip– when buying makeup always make sure you’re buying from a well known buyer with great feedback. Sometimes people are awful and sell fake products. There are a lot of great sellers on there that do sell the real deal for real cheap.

Nyx Matte Bronzer– This is a newer addition to my collection. I have searching for what seems like forever for a flattering contour shade for my skin tone. I typically use Nyx blush in “Taupe” which is amazing as well, but I wanted to switch it up a bit. This line has different shades for different skin tones, so naturally I picked out the shade called “light” that is supposed to be for lighter skin tones. It is a nice bronzer for light skin, maybe a bit on the warmer side for my liking, but a light hand while applying can easily fix that. The packaging is also very sleek and pretty.

Nyx Matte Finishing Spray– This has been in my possession for awhile (can you tell by the makeup all over the bottle?) and I love it! It’s perfect for everyday matte makeup looks for me when I want to set my makeup, but I don’t want to use up any of my Urban Decay spray.

Wet n Wild Highlighter– This is from the Fergie line in the color ‘Rose Champagne.” It’s so beautiful and affordable. It’s a champagne color with a hint of pink. Super flattering on fair skin. There is so much product in this for the price. I would recommend anyone try this if they are as obsessed with highlighters as I am. I hope the dewy skin look is here to stay.

Nyx Eyebrow Gel– I know this is technically not a “face” product, but eyebrows are a must for a complete face look. I’ve been using the black shade from this line for awhile now, and I love it. I still tend to reach for my dipbrow pomade most days, but if I am wanting a very bold brow I reach for this one. It takes the smallest amount of product to do both eyebrows, and it applies so easily. I use an angled brush to apply it. This product does set quickly, but it also stays ALL DAY. It’s an awesome and ridiculously affordable product that I would recommend to anyone to at least try.

Nyx HD concealer in “Lavender”– I use this concealer probably everyday. Usually I put this on under my foundation to cancel out the darkness under my eyes. I also use it to lighten up concealer if it’s a bit too dark. It serves multiple purposes, and costs $5. Amazing. Highly recommend for anyone with intense dark circles or is extremely fair and has trouble finding a light enough concealer.

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Powder– If you follow my blog you have probably seen my first impressions post about this powder, if not I will link my review post of it at the end. I haven’t had this powder long enough to say it’s a staple yet, but it is a great powder for the price. BH Cosmetics has sales constantly on their site, and this powder tends to be about $7 on their site most days. My tips for using this powder are to use the elf powder brush (the studio one with the flat top) and just pat it into the skin if you’re using it to set your foundation or concealer. It works for me. I find that when I sweep powder across my face in a typical swirly motion it can kind of stick to dry spots easier. But do whatever works for you 🙂

Elf Acne Fighting Foundation– This foundation is something that is on my face often. I LOVE this foundation, and I mention it often in my “face of the day” posts. It’s supposed to be blemished skin friendly, but besides that it is also very full coverage and extremely affordable at $6 on the eyeslipsface website. I will say that if you have very fair skin and you don’t have a white mixing agent like the manic panic white dream tone foundation that you may want to hold out on buying it until you have both. The lightest shade on me is a few shades too dark, and I have a to use 2-3 pumps of white to get it to my exact shade, but it’s still an amazing foundation if you’re looking for a less expensive full coverage foundation to add to your life.

Elf Mineral Face Primer– The one in the picture is the green toned one, but I also have the plain clear toned mineral face primer. I use the green one on an almost daily basis because it’s supposed to correct red skin. I naturally have a bit of red in my skin on my cheeks, and this helps to correct it a little. Aside from that, it’s $5 (I think) and can be found on elf’s website or in many Target stores. This primer feels amazing on the skin, and the ingredients do not break my skin out whatsoever.


Swatches from bottom to top: Wet n Wild “pearlescent pink,” Wet n Wild “rose champagne glow,” and Nyx Matte Bronzer in “light.”

Last tip for saving money, especially with all of the holiday things coming out- use ebates. I love this site. You get cash back for online shopping through their site. Example: I recently got 4% cash back on a Sephora purchase online, and 7.5% back on BH cosmetics. If you do a lot of online shopping please create an account through them. I think you get a check or paypal credit every 3 months for what you’ve earned…don’t quote me on that though.
Anyway, I hope this blog has been somewhat enjoyable or helpful. If you’re interested in any other affordable products I have in my arsenal, please feel free to make requests on what you may want to see me focus on.

BH Cosmetics Powder review: