Favorites Friday

Hello, beauties! Another week, another favorites post! It’s also Friday the 13th! I love these unlucky days filled with superstition, and I know I’m not the only one. My inner wolf queen and moon child loves it!
Let me begin with one favorite that doesn’t have a picture…I bought my own domain! That’s right, instead of the weird self-named blog vibe, I now have my own “brand.” My site is lunafayebeauty.com, and I made some changes to the appearance as well so it would look cleaner.


1. Yes, I understand that a sticker is a weird thing to consider a favorite, but hear me out. This little cutie was attached to a jewelry order, and it instantly made me happy. Fun fact: I used to own a few guinea pigs in high school. I loved those little squeakers. If I had the room for one, I would get another in a heartbeat. There’s something so cute and lovable about guinea pigs. So, seeing this little sticker made me feel happy and brought back nice memories.


2. On my face– I picked up one of the new Wet n Wild palettes from their Silver Lake collection, and I love it! Pinks are not my thing, but I’m really trying to venture out and get out of my comfort zone. Wet n Wild’s palettes can be kind of hit and miss, but every shade in the “thrift store chic” palette works well with minimal fallout. I love the name…”thrift store chic” is literally my style.

On my cheeks has been “Prenup” by Colourpop. It’s such a beautiful everyday pink for me. I have a review with swatches coming soon, so I won’t spoil too much.

My go to lip color has been “Thalia” by Nyx. Very gorgeous mauve color. If you can get your hands on this, please do so. I already love the round case lipstick formula, and this color is to die for. I don’t know what it is about Spring, but I tend to reach for more creamy formulas and even wear gloss some days.


3. Accessory Favorites– Even though I have been playing with colors, I am still a Moon Child. I have been loving this collar by Salem Couture over cute graphic tees. It’s pretty apparent that I’m obsessed with roses, and this collar is just the all around perfect accessory. I also love laying necklaces, and I have been layering these two from Hell Kitten (shophellkitten on Etsy) all week.


4. Random Makeup Favorites– I have been trying to give some of my forgotten makeup some love, so I pulled my Milani Bella shadows out for a bit, and I forgot how much I love them for simple everyday looks. I like to use these when I am in too much of a hurry to think about makeup. I also ordered a glitter liner from BH Cosmetics in “synergy” and it’s magical. I’ve had this thing for glitter lately…I’m stuck on it. Or rather, it’s stuck on me. That could be my worst joke yet.


5. Pet Moment– People seem to like my cat. Sailor is the fluffiest and cutest jerk in the history of cats. Just kidding, she’s actually really sweet, but she’s a bit mischievous. I don’t even consider her a cat most days. When someone comes over she has to get right in their face and demands to be pet. Our husky doesn’t even do that until at least 5 minutes after someone arrives. She also weighs 20 lbs. She’s not fat, she’s fluffy…and well fed.

Those were my favorites for the week! What have you been loving this week?

Meet Sailor

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I have decided that even though “beauty” is in the title of my blog that I wanted to incorporate more “lifestyle” type of posts into my blog. I figured the best way would be to talk about the biggest chunk of my life…my kids. Even the fur babies. So, this will be a four part thing starting with Sailor, our maine coon, since she was the first one to enter our lives. I hope you all enjoy!



Sailor entered our lives a little over 3 years ago, shortly after Jeremy and I decided to move in together. A friend called us and said that she had kittens to give away since the mom was hit by a car and killed. I have a really huge and soft heart and was prepared to beg if needed, but Jeremy didn’t need much convincing to go and rescue her.

Apparently, Sailor was the last one left of the litter and everyone that took another kitten passed her up thinking that she was too shy. I still to this day have no idea how anyone could have ever thought that cat had a shy bone in her body. She immediately warmed up to us and walked around our apartment and explored. She let us pet her and take pictures of her. We decided to name her Sailor since both me and Jeremy love anything nautical. I love nautical things in general, but Jeremy was once in the Navy himself. Sailor just seemed to fit her.


The first thing that people tend to notice about Sailor are her huge green-yellow eyes. She just seems to have a friendly look in her eyes, in my opinion. And rightfully so, she’s probably the biggest cuddle bug I have ever met in terms of cats. No one is a stranger to this cat. You walk through our door, and immediately Sailor wants to be your friend. She’s so unlike many other cats in that sense. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that she has some Maine Coon in her or not. I hear they are very friendly breed in general.

She’s always been so great with people from the beginning, and it’s been so easy to introduce her to the dog and both kids. She has her moments like any cat, but we expected it. We don’t have her declawed (I could never) but we’ve only had one problem with her scratching another living being, and it’s been with the dog.



Can you tell I love this cat? She’s so loving and sweet. I don’t know what I will do if we decide to get another cat in the future and it’s not as sweet as she is.