Friday Thoughts: Friendship

Hey lovelies,

Last week when I posted my thoughts I had so much positive feedback and it brought me so much warmth that I want to do another. Outside of makeup and beauty, I do reflect on life often and I feel that I should speak out sometimes. Because we’re all friends here, right?

We are, and that’s why I want to talk about something that has been a bit of a roller coaster for me the past 5 years…friendship. Some people have had the same friends since they were very little. I have a few friends that I keep in touch with every now and then from when I was very young, but not many.

Truth is, friendship has always been a weird aspect in my life. No, I promise you all that I’m not a mean and rude person in real life. Blunt and bit too headstrong? Sure. Malicious? No.

I have a very introverted personality, so it takes someone that’s the literal opposite of me (not all the time) to truly be my friend. I know that sounds odd, but very extroverted people are the types that reach out to me first and know that I’m not being rude, making plans just makes me feel anxious. They do all the talking so I can just sit back, listen, and giggle. It’s a very symbiotic kind of thing, really.

Then there’s the heartache that I’ve had with friendships over the past few years. Yes, friendships can be about as or even more heartbreaking than intimate relationships at times. On top of being very introverted, I’m very trusting and forgiving. These seem like great qualities, but it’s also qualities that others tend to take advantage of.

Don’t worry, this post isn’t going to turn into a salt fest where I get bitter and talk badly about others. I just wanted to point that out. I actually took a break from most of my friendships. My heart was broken, so I distanced myself. I still had my few very very close friends, but that was it. And let’s be real, kids also changed every single friendship for me.

Some friends understood (and still understand) and some friends distanced themselves from me. I knew it would happen. Does it hurt? Hell yeah. However, Harmony and Piper are my absolute best friends on this planet…I’ll take them over anyone, any day.

After all of the heartache I’ve had with friends, I found a light. Awhile back I met and started talking to a coworker of Jeremy’s (boyfriend) and we really seemed to get along well. Her bubbly and cute personality complimented my fairly reserved one. She also always understood that I can’t always call/text and meet people at random times due to having 2 kids.

I always thought of her as a friend, and we’ve always talked about hanging out more but life tends to get in the way.

We were texting back and forth about concerts coming to our city and I expressed that I wanted to go, but didn’t know if I could due to money, time and such.
Well, a few days ago she called me and told me that she had a ticket for me to go to one of the shows with her in May! I couldn’t really even find the words to express how excited I was, and I probably sounded a bit unenthused. But the truth is, as soon as I got off the phone with her I called my mom and made sure she could watch the girls for me and cleared me calender that day.

And then I sat down and cried.

…and I’m tearing up again trying to type this out. Honestly, she probably doesn’t even realize how much that simple of a gesture means to me on every single level. It made me feel loved and like I was worthy of what I feel will be a truly wonderful friendship. To feel that happy after so much heartache with friends is a feeling that’s so endearing. It’s not about gifts or anything, so don’t get that impression, please. It’s more about people keeping you in mind. Being in someone’s thoughts. Because many times we may not care what others think about us, but it’s nice at times to know that others do indeed think about us fondly.

Sometimes the life of a mom is hard in terms of adult friendships. Because as much as I love my kids and boyfriend, it’s nice to have a few people outside of that to vent and talk to. It’s also hard at my age to find people that want to be my friend without wanting to go out and drink constantly. Not that I look down on anyone that goes out for drinks, it’s just not always my thing. I like to go to shows and be outside enjoying nature with people. I like when people just come over and watch movies with me and raid my fridge. I’m the person to come to when you want to chill on the couch and not saying anything. I actually like silence and just being with people, but not a lot of people seem to be comfortable with that.

If you’re reading this, kind and beautiful friend, please know that I really appreciate you in every single way. I love that you understand that I can’t text all the time, and sometimes I need to cancel things because being a mom is tough and time constraining. Thank you for always being kind and so bubbly. You always make me feel like you are genuinely happy to see me, and that makes me so happy, even if I can’t properly express it outwardly.

Most of all, thank you for being a friend. (I feel like this is part of a song, oops)
Thank you for showing me that I am worthy of great friendships.
I know I’m not perfect, and I realize that I have made my fair share of mistakes with friends in the past. I want to change that and I want to start “fresh” in a sense and have a friend that doesn’t know that part of my past.

The world needs more friends like you.

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading this.

Oh, and I do love making new friends, so if you want to talk/connect with me…please do! You can through social media, email, or even by text if we’ve talked on here or other places often.

I’m trying to get out of my shell more and talk to more people. Blogging has helped me with that exponentially. I find myself actually saying things to others first way more often and trying to hold a conversation without wanting to hide in a corner. So, I have so many of you that follow me and comment to thank for that.

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The Love Tag

I don’t do these tags often (mostly because I’m rarely tagged…ha) but I saw this one and thought it was cute. Yes, I participate in Valentine’s Day festivities with my man and now our kids as well. It’s fun and cute and corny, and even my dark and slightly goth soul loves it.

Anyway, here’s my answers to the questions.

1. What is love?
Seriously, love is when you find yourself laughing at the littlest things. Love is in the laughs of children. Love is your world literally stopping the moment you look into your newborn’s eyes. Love is so many things. It’s subjective and different for everyone.

2. Have you ever been in love?
I suppose I’ve been with Jeremy long enough to claim that I love him :p

3. Do you believe in soul mates?
Eh…this is a weird one for me. Do I believe that Jeremy is my soul mate on an intimate level that no one else will probably compare? Yes, of course. However, I do have friends and such that know me in different ways that not even Jeremy does because there are things we don’t have in common. I guess what I’m saying is, the soul can mate with several if wanted. I’m obviously just not intimate with everyone.

4. Are you single or taken?
If I say that I am taken will Liam Neeson come save me?

5. Best gift you have ever received?
Crap, these are the types of questions where I just sit back and open a can of corn and gag everyone. I would have to say my daughters. The best “surprises” I’ve ever received in life. 🙂

6. Favorite love song(s)?
I listen to a lot of metal and there aren’t many mushy love songs in that genre. If there are, I probably don’t like them.

7. What is your favorite flower?
Red roses and sunflowers!

8. Favorite romantic movie?
I don’t watch many romantic movies, but we did watch Silver Linings and About Time last night and they both made me do the ugly cry. That rarely happens.

9. Dream love destination?
Love destination? As in, somewhere I want to go on a honeymoon or something? I would like to go back to Paris, as corny and cliche as that sounds. It truly is the city of love…and wine.

10. Are you still friends with your exes?
You are very funny.

11. Describe your ex using only movie titles
I’m not bitter, so I will politely skip this one and pass the salt to someone else.

12. Fondest memories with your partner or ex?
one year 1

one year 3

Anytime I get to watch Jeremy be a great father (which is everyday) is a fond memory. I can’t pick just one day.

13. Describe your ideal date?
Dinner and cuddling and a full 8 hours of blissful sleep if and when Piper allows it.

14. Have you been on a blind date?
Shit no. I am very wary of strangers.

15. Last person you said I Love You to?
Jeremy, this morning.

16. How much old compared to you was the oldest/youngest person you dated?
My last serious boyfriend was quite a bit older than me.

17. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
Can’t say that I have.

18. Do you believe in astrological capabilities (horoscopes)?

19. Who should pay on the first date (the guy or girl)?
I guess it depends on if this has been arranged beforehand. If I’m going on a first date I make sure to at least have enough money for myself, and if the person I’m with offers to pay, well that’s okay. Jeremy and I used to take turns paying for dates though. When I worked outside of home, I worked really hard for my money and didn’t care to show that I was self sufficient.

20. How are did you spending your Valentines Day?
Valentines was yesterday, and we spent it hanging out with our daughters. I made Harmony her favorite dish, fried rice with lots of veggies and Jeremy made me and him lo mein noodles with steak and shrimp. He also made a german chocolate cake from scratch, and it was delicious. We also found some time to be alone after the girls went to sleep…if you catch my drift.

I tag anyone that wants to participate 🙂

Favorites Friday

Second week of Favorites Friday! A chance for me to reflect on my week, and for anyone reading to catch a glimpse of my everyday life. This week was a bit more exciting than most other weeks. We (me and both daughters) just got over colds, so we’ve all had a bit of cabin fever.


1. Have you ever seen a more adorable face? Neither have I. My family had a nice dinner together and I snuck a picture in of Piper. It’s kinda blurry, but I love it all the same. Piper turned 7 months old this week, and has started to get into the crawling position. I think that because she’s so chunky it’s frustrating to be on her belly for too long. I don’t blame her. I feel her on that level.



2. My nephew turned 7 last week, and his party was at a bowling alley. I had a blast watching all the kids bowl and watching Harmony (oldest) attempt to bowl. She’s so painfully shy, but she warmed up to the environment eventually and danced her little heart out to AC/DC and Def Leppard songs. Have I expressed lately how proud Harmony makes me with her love for classic rock? Piper basically went bowling for boobs the entire time (breastfeeding joke) and eventually fell asleep after giggling and smiling at everyone for hours. It’s so funny to see how different their personalities are. Harmony gives the world the stink eye while Piper has yet to meet a stranger.



3. I took the girls on an impromptu bargain and thrift hunt on wednesday. I scored some 50 cent goodies from the Essence section at Ulta, and the Mario Badescu spray everyone talks about. I paid full price for that, but whatever. We then went to Goodwill and I found some ADORABLE silhouette frames, coffee mugs, and a few vintage cardigans. Then I ventured to the coffee shop next door called Spero (pronounced like sparrow) and noticed they may be the cutest coffee shop ever. I tried their toasted marshmallow latte and it was delicious. Very smooth and actually tasted like marshmallows. Yum-tastic.


4. One more picture with Piper for good measure. I mean, look at that smile? I have the cutest kids.

Wolves at the Fair

My boyfriend’s mom was so awesome and gave me and Jeremy free tickets to the fair so we could take his little sister.

I typically hate the fair. The crowds and crazy rides are not for me. I don’t trust anything but the food (ironic, I know).

However, I ended up having a blast. I had fun watching Jeremy and his sister interact in their own way and enjoy each others company. I even had fun on the Ferris Wheel. When we got on it the sun was just starting to slowly descend, and the lighting was wonderful. I tried a deep fried moon pie…it was amazingly…different. Anything can be deep fried if one tries hard enough!

At the end of the night, I was the one who felt least sick. I got a little tickled considering I was the one who was super skeptical of the rides, and yet I was the one who walked out with the biggest smile and least upset tummy.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “What is up with that title?” let me explain. Jeremy and I are obsessed with wolves. We refer to ourselves are wolves quite often. We even have a Siberian Husky who resembles a wolf in some ways (I will make her a post later on). We were on a ride and instead of screaming, we howled. It was invigorating and hilarious. People probably think we’re the crazy couple, and that’s okay with us. We’re too head over heels for each other to really care.