Online Haul: Part One (With Swatches)

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The time of year my bank account dreads.
I’m not one to fight crowds. I worked at Target for 4 years and I do not want to participate in that mess. If you do, fine, it’s just not my jam. However, I have been on the lookout for the best online deals the past 1.5 weeks for my kids, and a bit for myself (moms deserve presents, too) and found a few amazing deals. I wanted to share a few of the things that I received in the mail on Friday because I am SUPER excited to try them out. When I get new makeup in the mail I have to open it up and play with it right then. Swatch it, apply it, put it all over my face. Okay, maybe not that last one.

Anyway, my first major score was the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette. If you’ve been following me for a bit you’ve probably seen me mention the Revealed 2 palette a lot. It’s my baby. I am in love with that palette and reach for it more than I do my Naked palettes. So, of course I’ve been wanting the original Revealed palette for awhile now. I know that these palettes are old news to many, but they’re new to me and I’m obsessed. I ended up getting the Revealed palette for $5 + shipping which is incredible! I almost squealed.


I just love these stickers that Coastal Scents sends in their packages. So adorable. The palette comes in a thin, cardboard case and there are 20 shades total. I will say that a con of these palettes is that there are no names on them. I have no way of knowing what the exact names of my favorite shades are in case I hit pan.


These are the swatches of all 20 colors on top of a primer. The first two shades did not want to show up on my alabastor skin, sorry. There are a few matte shades in this palette, but not many. I love how cool toned this palette is though. I wear a lot of cool toned makeup since it compliments my complexion and I wear mostly cool/blue toned lipsticks.

The second part of this haul came from Ulta. They were running a one day deal where you could get $5 off a $10 purchase and get free shipping on any purchase, no minimum. I will say that I made two orders just so I could use the coupon twice…shhh. The second part of my purchase is going to be a part of a video first impression though, so be on the lookout for it 😉 I’ve been wanting to give the brand Essence a try, so I picked a few things out. I got two of the lipsticks and a blush.


Bottom to top: lipstick “On the Catwalk,” lipstick “Barely There,” blush “Autumn Peach”

The lipsticks feel very creamy and applied very well and evenly on my arm. I can’t wait to try these colors out! The blush is just a very peachy blush, and honestly the picture on Ulta made the blush seem darker than what it is. It’s a lovely color, just now what I have been looking for. I have several colors like this already. I’ve been looking for a darker peach with an almost red tint (if that makes sense) if anyone can recommend one. I want a color like that for winter to give me a “flushed” look without looking like I have wind burn.

The last thing I ordered was just a Nyx concealer that I needed to get because mine is almost out. In all, that order was $9 shipped and I got cash back on ebates since they were doing double the cash back for many places all week long. I am very pleased with this small haul! Anyone else score any amazing deals this week??

I’m going to be doing a no buy in the month of December (possibly longer) to focus solely on Christmas and getting a few things done around our house and such. I need to do a no buy period.
I hope you all enjoyed this post even though the products I bought are old news. I ordered some super exciting limited edition things on Black Friday though that should be here next week that I can’t wait to share and play around with and create looks. If you’re doing most of your holiday shopping online, make sure to look into ebates if you haven’t already to get cash back!

Mini and Amazing Drugstore Haul

I had a few hours to myself (no babies or boyfriend) so I decided to visit a few drugstores to browse around. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, but I found myself in the makeup section every time (oops) and ended up finding a few amazing deals!


This took place last Friday, so some places had already gotten rid of all their Halloween clearance, but some still had a little bit here and there. However, I also noticed that many of the spring and summer makeup lines were being clearanced as well! My heart skips beats when I see clearance lipstick. Is it possible to be head over heels in love with lipstick? I think I am, and it’s a problem. I can walk past almost everything in a clearance section without issues, but the moment I see clearance lipstick it somehow magically ends up in my basket. I can’t be the only one. Any fellow lip product junkies?

Anyway, I noticed at a local Walgreens that they had the Milani lip intense liquid colors on clearance for 50% off, so I snagged a few more since I only have the red color (and love it). What I like about these is that they go on smoothly and aren’t glosses, but not quite lipsticks either. The pigmentation on these are incredibly intense as well. They are not very long lasting though.

At that same Walgreens I also found a Milani Lipstick in the shade “Chilled Brandy” that looked pretty and like something I don’t already have in my collection (rare) and it was only $2. I picked up a Wet n Wild lipstick from the Fergie line in “Old School Glam” for $1.19 and 3 Jordana lip pencils at 50 cents each! I’ve been wanting to try Jordana lip pencils for a bit now, and I am suddenly on a lip pencil kick? I now own probably 20 different lip pencils and I have never been too into them. Youtube made me do it. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

The one thing I didn’t get at Walgreens and that wasn’t on clearance was the Milani lipstick in Enchanted Topaz. I just wanted this color because it’s limited edition, and the swatches I have seen of this color are beautiful!

Swatches from bottom to top: Wet n Wild “Old School Glam,” Milani “Chilled Brandy,” Milani “Enchanted Topaz,” Milani “Intense Violet,” Milani “Fiery Coral,” Jordana “Terra Kiss,” Jordana “Cabernet,” Jordana “Tawny.”

I will say that my first impression of the Jordana lip pencils are that they are very creamy and seem like they will be easy to work with. The Old School Glam lipstick is a bit too creamy and sheer for my liking when it comes to red lipsticks, but I may be able to pair it with a red pencil and make it work. I didn’t just find lipstick though. I found some cute little things to go on my desk for 90% off and candy marked down at 75% off.
I decided to be spontaneous and try caramel apple Twizzlers despite how the thought kinda weirded me out, but strangely I love them. I kind of regret only getting one bag of them to be honest.
If you have a Walgreens near you, I would check it out and see if you can find any awesome makeup deals. My locals ones seem to all be clearing out things from several brands, so it’s worth checking out 🙂