Medusa’s Makeup Bag March 2017


Hey lovelies,

Long time no chat. Quick life update: I feel like I’m still adjusting to having 3 kids. There are some days where I feel like I have things handled, and other days where I’m sitting in the floor wondering, “Will this ever get easier?” So, that’s why I randomly pop in and out of here.

I do have a quick unbagging that I want to do. I’ve been subscribed to Medusa’s Makeup for several months now, and if you’re not new to my blog you probably already know that. Their subscription is still relatively new though. It’s a vegan/cruelty free option and costs $15.95 per month. I usually receive 3-4 full sized products. Typically, I’ve received a good mixture of eye and face products every month and a lip product. This has quickly become one of my favorite subscriptions!

Okay, let’s go over what I received in March.

  1. Stick it eye primer- At first I thought this was a previous item I received, but I mistook it for the glitter primer which comes in the exact same packaging. I love the glitter primer and I can’t wait to try the stick it eye primer! I prefer tacky primers when applying loose shadows on my lid.
  2. Lipstick in “Lydia”- this is a GORGEOUS lavender shade that’s perfect for Spring. I really love Medusa’s Makeup lipsticks and the packaging, so I’m happy to add another to my growing collection.
  3. Loose eye pigment in “Wasabi”- Green! Because of March! Okay, I truly do love shades of green eyeshadow so I know this one will get used. I love these loose shadows, especially under a dark base like Nyx’s jumbo eye pencil in black bean.
  4. Lip paint in “Get Lucky”- This is a new item to Medusa’s Makeup! I was so excited to try out their liquid lipsticks….but this one is bright pink. We all know how I feel about bright pink lipstick. However, I am curious about this formula so I will likely try it out one day when I’m at home doing nothing to see how it wears.

Overall thoughts: This bag was almost a total winner for me other than the bright pink shade of lipstick. I always feel that I get a good variety of products from this subscription, and I have not gotten bored yet with it all being the same brand. If you’re subscribed to this bag, what are your thoughts on it? I would love to hear them! If you want to sign up yourself, just go to

They even take paypal, which is another plus for me and for anyone else that dislikes putting credit card info on sites.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this short and sweet little unbagging. Feel free to chat with me about anything in the comments.

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