Meet Sailor

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I have decided that even though “beauty” is in the title of my blog that I wanted to incorporate more “lifestyle” type of posts into my blog. I figured the best way would be to talk about the biggest chunk of my life…my kids. Even the fur babies. So, this will be a four part thing starting with Sailor, our maine coon, since she was the first one to enter our lives. I hope you all enjoy!



Sailor entered our lives a little over 3 years ago, shortly after Jeremy and I decided to move in together. A friend called us and said that she had kittens to give away since the mom was hit by a car and killed. I have a really huge and soft heart and was prepared to beg if needed, but Jeremy didn’t need much convincing to go and rescue her.

Apparently, Sailor was the last one left of the litter and everyone that took another kitten passed her up thinking that she was too shy. I still to this day have no idea how anyone could have ever thought that cat had a shy bone in her body. She immediately warmed up to us and walked around our apartment and explored. She let us pet her and take pictures of her. We decided to name her Sailor since both me and Jeremy love anything nautical. I love nautical things in general, but Jeremy was once in the Navy himself. Sailor just seemed to fit her.


The first thing that people tend to notice about Sailor are her huge green-yellow eyes. She just seems to have a friendly look in her eyes, in my opinion. And rightfully so, she’s probably the biggest cuddle bug I have ever met in terms of cats. No one is a stranger to this cat. You walk through our door, and immediately Sailor wants to be your friend. She’s so unlike many other cats in that sense. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that she has some Maine Coon in her or not. I hear they are very friendly breed in general.

She’s always been so great with people from the beginning, and it’s been so easy to introduce her to the dog and both kids. She has her moments like any cat, but we expected it. We don’t have her declawed (I could never) but we’ve only had one problem with her scratching another living being, and it’s been with the dog.



Can you tell I love this cat? She’s so loving and sweet. I don’t know what I will do if we decide to get another cat in the future and it’s not as sweet as she is.

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