Milani Rose Blushes


Have you ever searched for a few things (makeup wise) so hard that when you finally find it…angels sing and your heart stops for a few seconds? Is it just me?

That could be embarrassing to admit, but I did that when I finally stumbled upon a display at Kmart with the new Milani Rose Blushes and there were blushes left! I will admit to maybe hovering over the display to block anyone else that might have also seen them and drooling for a few seconds.

Totally kidding.

This post is going to be less formal (okay, none of my posts are very formal) because I just want to admire the absolute beauty of these blushes.


They are so divine. I’m so happy that Milani decided to bring these back and make them permanent. I missed out on the first time they were out, but even if I had gotten some I probably wouldn’t have used them. Now I feel like I can admire and use them since they’re here to stay. I paid $7.99 per blush for these, which is a typical price for Milani. There’s also a shit ton of blush in these it seems. There were 3 colors in the display, and I only picked up 2. I don’t think coral colors flatter my skin tone well, so I left the last Coral Cove on the display for someone else. I am so nice.

I will say that I searched high and low for these babies. From what I have seen online, the displays only have 2 per color stocked, so if you stumble upon them…buy them. If you’re going back and forth on it, just get them because it takes stores a long time to restock things at times, especially during new releases.


This shade is “tea rose” and it’s a very matte pink shade. I think this is a shade that can be worn with both warm and cool toned looks, in my opinion. I’m no expert, so chances are I’m just saying that because I will wear it with any look no matter what.


This is the one I wanted the most, and it’s “romantic rose.” It’s a matte mauve color. I love rosy mauve colors. I typically wear brown shadows and bright lips on a day to day basis, so I feel mauve blushes kind of compliment that in a way for me.


These are the swatches with “tea rose” on the left and “romantic rose” on the right. They are incredibly pigmented. So, these blushes are not only gorgeous and affordable, they’re very pigmented and smooth to the touch.

Perfect product. Perfect luck. I am so happy with this find! I hope you all enjoyed this shorter review! It’s snowing a bit here in Tennessee, so I hope everyone is staying warm!

Tell me about your favorite makeup finds lately?

7 thoughts on “Milani Rose Blushes

  1. Gah! Blinded by prettyness. I’m still on the hunt but hope to have that heart stopping moment too! PS. I would totally block the display :-X

  2. If you have any kmarts in your area definitely look there! I also found the new Jordana matte lipsticks too. I live in a fairly big city with a lot of cvs stores etc and kmart is the only one that seems to get new Milani stuff?

  3. That’s odd. I never thought of checking Kmart because I don’t have one close to my house (plus is it just me or are Walmart and Target cheaper than Kmart!?), but if that’s where they are I can always check out the one by my job. Yeah, I live in the Tampa area and I can get to like 6 CVS’s in less than 20 minutes, haha. But you’re right… new stuff seems to be on delay for them! Thank you for suggesting Kmart!

  4. Kmart is more expensive for some reason, but their makeup prices seem pretty normal. Boyfriend informed me today CVS has set cosmetic schedules and typically teams have to go around and actually set things up, store by store. Frustrating lol.

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